Looks promising!

There was a note attached to that Facebook message somewhere … one of the hoggit guys found it:

On our last multiaircraft carrier ops video (1 user plane, 2 AI’s) is was noted by most if not all viewers the fact that the aircraft were practically “dancing” on the deck…well. since we stated that it was an ED issue, we forgot to mention that the mission included 30knts winds over the deck! (done mainly to see the LHA-1 pitching and wobbling and to spicy a bit operations)…SO in order to debunk the wrong notion that it’s a RAZBAM Av-8B module issue, this video was made. winds at 10knts (not to mention the LHA-1’s speed/winds due to speed which is 32knts). Sounds are STILL default DCS jet engine sounds (we are working on this) Aircraft still a work in progress


Well, that explains the big push then, most certainly. This raises the question then of work scheduling in general.
Maybe it’s not a great idea to work on 5 things at the same time and take years to get them done when you could just work them sequentially and release things more often?
This isn’t specific to any one party, it seems all involved in working on DCS are doing it.


I’ve always thought the same thing. If you’ve got one small team, why split them up working on multiple projects that get drug out?

Razbam has proven that a quality module can be done inside of a year.


I’m not a project manager by any means…but maybe 90% of the team is waiting on the other 10% of the team to finish what they are doing, and that other 90% don’t know anything about how to do that 10%. So why not have them being productive at what they ARE good at doing. If that makes any sense.


RAZBam has a huge code base, and has been developing Aircraft for a while.
Chances are “Some” of that is usable, knowledge wise and/or actual code wise, w/ the DCS SDK.

Most of the other 3rd Parties are new, and starting everything from scratch.


So you’re saying my solo B-1 Bomber project has a long way to go? I mean…the design is very clear in my head…


Do you have a Stockpile of charts, manuals, data, code, 3d Art, Texture Art, etc etc left over from developing for FSX?


I have some photos from Airliners.net…and an exploded parts poster of a model B-1…


Then it will take you at least “Two Weeks” Chris! :wink:


Doubtful, but @BeachAV8R has a treasure trove of poorly designed and executed holiday/event skins for inconsequential aircraft used in niche simulations. In other words, it will take him probably 2 weeks.


I get what you are saying, but if that workflow logic were true, then they would not have been able to push the harrier out any faster by making it a priority. It seems to me that they had to move some guys around from other projects to make a coordinated effort to get the Harrier to this point as fast as possible. If guys would be standing around waiting on some other part to be finished, I don’t think this would be possible.


I don’t know. Or maybe they worked the guys they needed 24 hours and weekends while the others worked 8 or 10. The point is, we don’t know, and all the rest is speculation from those that don’t know. And what works for one team, might not work for another. Different time zones, languages, learning curves, budgets…the variables are…well…highly variable…


I understand that, but it appears that they’ve been splintered off way to far to keep up with any one thing.
I’ve worked closely with our sim’s program manager and we had the team focus on low hanging fruit problems that are numerous and easy to knock out. This reduced the amount of DRs on the list and then allowed all focus to go on the larger issues. Steadily chipping away vs months of nothing.


I just think it’s kind of spinning wheels without all the information. There are all kinds of possibilities (why work on something that the base code is going to change for instance…) and ED strike me as pretty competent at managing hugely complex projects. I couldn’t even get everyone to agree to a lunch menu if I were in charge.


Back on topic though…

It would be cool if we get some nifty spray effects operating the Harrier from wet decks huh?


That kind of code has existed in racing sims for many years now. Wet races are very convincing compared to the 90s when it was just kind of gray haze. So it can be done. Just don’t know if it will be.


Well, there’s actually.a whole layer of exhaust interaction that’s missing still.
Is it necessary? Not really.
Would it be absolutely friggin’-tastic amazing?
Hell yeah.


I would argue that it is necessary, as if affects the flight envelope as it relates to the engine ingesting those hot gases.


Wasn’t the Harrier going to be available at E3 as well? Haven’t seen/heard anything.


Yeah…and I think it is just cool looking. I used a modded file to give my Strike Fighters Harrier a bit more exhaust smoke because I thought it looked cool…