Apparently it was shown at E3, but not publicly.


Well, it is something of a factor, but not all that much in practice.

The standard Harrier hover is 60ft specifically to avoid reingestion. As a consequence, it makes the Harrier a little more difficult to hover since you don’t have quite the relative motion that you would lower.

You may encounter some reingestion on the way down, particularly in certain wind conditions, but it’s not a huge and ever present worry.

The thing I’ll be interested to see, in the VSTOL regime at least, is how engine performance is handled. In most standard day(ish) conditions, I seem to recall having VL numbers around 1.0-2.0, fuel and water. That’s a clean bird.

That vid above with 5600lbs (of 7700lbs internal, a bit more than the suggested 40%) is pretty optimistic. The additional 6 Mk-82s with Gun and DECM is downright fanciful. :slight_smile:

Of course all that matters if it matters to you. A little extra performance certainly ups the fun factor, if it downs the realism.

As for the smoke, the really cool thing would be for the smoke to increase when water was flowing, which is how it works in reality.

The external shots are pretty impressive. Looking forward to see how this one turns out!


Random question: did the USMC ever purchase AGM-65D? It was my understanding they only pursued AGM-65E and F.


All my TACMAN from 2003 or so says is Es and Fs. That’s all we ever shot…in my time at least.


Did you read this somewhere? All I heard was that RAZBAM rushed it out the door for E3, but have yet to see anyone mention seeing it in action.


We were told that is was shown to the press but not to the general public. E3 is ED’s marketing program so they are the ones who decided how to show the aircraft. All we were asked was to provide a close-to-beta demo for E3.
-Zeus on ED forums.

Answered my own question. All I have to say to this LOL. The module that has been as transparent in its development process as any to this date, is hidden from the public?


I don’t understand why letting the developer control the narrative is something to laugh at. If it isn’t ready for public hands on, it isn’t ready. Why risk bad press when you can just demo it under controlled circumstances? As a developer, I think it is the responsible thing to do for your “investors” and employees. At least, that is my opinion on it…which is worth what this page printed out is worth… :wink:


That’s a little melodramatic. Without assigning malicious intent to ED, who asked for the module to be completed enough to be shown at E3, I am not sure where this interpretation comes from. ED wanted an additional presence during their presentation at the Thrustmaster booth. Having a top notch 3rd party module that compliments their F-18C seems to be a great choice. Us assuming that the Harrier II would be freely flyable at E3 was a leap in logic that was likely unintended.

Either way … more products coming for us to use, likely this year. I am happy!


I wouldn’t call this a leap in logic. The developer specifically said they delivered a demo aircraft to be shown at E3. And I get it, they didn’t specifically say that it would be up and running at the thrustmaster booth, but I least expected some kind of mention about it.

Apparently Zeus thought it was funny too. Thats from the reddit, i’d quote it better, but my forum skills are lacking.

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Wags told us that he has shown the Harrier to the press but not to the general public.
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well let’s hope the press knows how to keep a secret! wouldn’t want any details to leak now would we…??
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Right. Again, people trying to guess what is going on “behind the curtain” at ED is kind of a useless endeavor. I can think of a dozen different reasons why they might not want to show the Harrier in public (it was a VR demo…is it ready for VR?, was the build of DCS World that ED brought to E3 the build that the Harrier works with?, does the HOTAS they have work with the Harrier or does it need key commands?, etc…etc.)

I don’t think we are really lacking for information from Razbam themselves…so I’m content to wait and see what they have to show next.


Why do you guys fret so much about these modules?


I’m bored. I don’t work in the summer so I have nothing better to do.



Being a Marine, I can think of at least five really horrifying or at least highly unusual and suggestive purposes for that device, probably none of them intended by its maker.

What is it?



Something new to drive teachers crazy.



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Now what was that thing?



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