Heh, love it!


Fascinating stuff on reddit from Zeus67 of RAZBAM regarding the TDC having the various modes. I wonder if we’re going to look back and realize how nice the A10C was in terms of IFFCC, ergonomics and pilot load.



I should tell you sometime about some of the absurdities in the Mudhens HOTAS and UI layout. lets just say it has 2 shifted layers for all of the HOTAS, and it is all dependant on which screen, and of course long/short presses all mean different things, and a shifted des is different than and un-shifted des, etc… etc… etc… Its like learning a hodgepodged together UI that has a bazillion edge cases thrown in, that just happen to be some of the most common things we do.

Case in point, entering MGRS grids. requires 3 button presses to get into MGRS mode on a steerpoint. Then if you just so happen to be in a different Alphabetical grid, you have to use INC/DEC buttons to get the letters right before you can enter the grid itself. Then after grid is entered, its another 2 presses before you can enter the elevation, and then if you want to transmit it across FDL its another 2. And thats not including if you want the elevation to be accurate, if its not provided… One of my biggest pet peeves lol.


If you think military HOTAS is user friendly, well yes it is after you have used it for a few years and have made all of the mistakes and have developed techniques from messing things up to keep yourself from finger porking everything away. At least that has been my experience in the strike eagle. It making sense?

After enough time it makes sense cause thats the only way you know how to make it work.

Also I can get into details of HAT (Height above target) sources and hierarchies like what Deacon is talking about above as well. Its a pretty big part of our training and something that most sims do not touch on.

The Viggen was quite fun because it was the first one that required you to actively think about your HAT source (altimeter setting) if you want to do any of the fun bombing types for your mission. At least if you wanted to do it accurately.

Looking forward to utilizing all of those fun systems in the Harrier/Hornet whenever they are released.


Don’t worry, it’s easier in the Hornet :wink:


I can sympathize with klarsnow as the Harrier shares the same design concept as the Hornet and Strike Eagle. The Harrier suffers a bit from not having enough expansion buttons and so that’s when you get into the “TDC does this in this mode and that when depressed” thing.

Take heart though, my fellow button pushers. Compared to some of the Thrustmaster profiles I’ve seen, the Harrier in its native layout will be a breeze! :wink:

Personally, I thought that the A-10s interface was a little cryptic compared to the Harrier. But, inevitably it’s what you are brought up with, I guess.


That is why I like the steam cockpits (in sims). If you want to get something done, you press the switch with the label next to it :slight_smile:


When I was much younger, my then HOTAS (Saitek X-45) was configured for most buttons on all three modes and some of them even had shifted function which ended in 6 functions for the same button.

I’m too old for this now and rather add some controllers/buttons to my setup / home pit :slight_smile:


Can we just pause a moment to reflect how cool it is that we have either active or ex Harrier, Strike Eagle, Hornet, KC-135, and other aviators here on the forum to lend their opinions and expertise…! And I imagine all of them have flown other types too (T-34, T-45, etc…)…

Remind me not to challenge our members to a drinking contest…


So, Mudspike bar crawl/ “so there I was” session confirmed?


Oh dear.
Sometimes I wish I was made out of money and/or had the ability to teleport.
I’d SO like to meet all of you one day. A Mudspike worldwide meeting/bar crawl.

But since it looks like we are indeed scattered over half the globe it probably will stay wishful thinking.

Perhaps in a few years in VR or so… :smiley:

EDIT: Imagining it:
Wife: What are you doing with the Riftv8 and the bottle of Whiskey?
Me: Ughhhh… Meeting the guys for a nice evening/morning/afternoon/night?


Please set time and place.

The only thing I have been exercising lately is my liver…


Yeah, you and me both.


@fearlessfrog and I were rolling beachballs at each other on Mars a few weeks back. So yeah…


Is there any estimation about when will this bird available??..people seems to believe that before hornet/f-14 but I don’t know based on what?


Official estimate is Q3 2017.


that’s really soon from now :scream:


Based on the experience with the Mirage I would say a month or two.


There. FTFY.


I think the nice thing about the AV-8B is that with the VTOL flight model worked out, the systems side of it can be pretty bare but still be a really compelling early access bunch of gameplay to get. As RAZBAM have shown, adding additional systems and bigger features during the early access process seems to be a nice balance to just waiting till it’s all done. It also fits nicely with getting a B+ Radar at a later date as well. Bring on the viff!