Wait, what?


A little meme for Twitch


That’s, like, the wrong meme.
Did you just assume that meme?!?


So they don’t prohibit drinking per se, but “drinking excessively.”

I’m guessing it’s more directed at the dudes that get black out drunk and pass out during their stream.


It was only once.





Definitely intentional.

I don’t know anybody who sims drunk, they all seem as sober as me on teamspeak


You always go to bed before we start drinking. I’ve definetly tried to land a Mig-21 non sober. Some how it seemed easier. I mean who needs wheels anyways.


I thought it was a checklist item to have at least a .05 to land Russian aircraft.


“Blyat, Vadim, hand me emergency vodka ration, inebriation state low.”



I know that I am not online much these days but siming sober is pretty rare for me. Or join SimHQ for Monday ARMA night. I get the feeling that there’s not a lot of sobriety.


A tad bit of sarcasm in my la:dizzy_face:st post as I often relax with a few bevarages. Sometimes it’s hard to stay up late for some in far away timezones, especially as the alcohol bottle gets lower. It’s like trying to play in VR without a real headset sometimes.


I can totally picture this! :rofl:

“Thisch feck’n trackin’ ish com…com…pleeet’ly uschless! I can’t see for :poop: ! The rescholuchion is…is…crap!”

“Here, Bogus, put the Rift on your head.”

:wink: :vr:


[cautionary tale]
I remember in ages past flying Il-2 46 with letterboy when he tried a carrier landing…on the wrong side’s carrier. :smile:

He almost touched down before he blew up from a direct hit… He said he made a mistake trying to drink and fly…and land.

[/cautionary tale]


Example attack using the DMT function of the ARBS.


Random Nevada Gucci Shots


I would buy this right now, even in it’s current state of development. :dizzy_face:


Thanks @nearblind for all the updated eye candy. Its getting me excited. Looks real good.


Even if it flew like the Su-33, I’d buy it too.