One would hope. The Newport Class LSTs were retired and sold off rapidly at the end of the cold war. The US Navy was transitioning to the “Forward From the Sea” doctrine which emphasized launching rapid, air mobile strikes supported by fast amphibious hovercraft from mobile Amphibious Ready Groups sitting over the horizon from possible threats, be those shore launched anti-shipping missiles or artillery. The LST had minimal well deck space and required physically sailing into the threat zone, and was thus discarded (along with the singular purpose LPHs).

By the time “our” Harrier was in service, the Navy was well into the process of switching to a more or less codified Amphibious Readiness Group that would consist of a LHA or LHD, an LSD, and an LPD. The San Antonio would be welcome, though I believe the trusty but rusty Austin class would be better representative of a wider era of conflicts. Along with that, by my reckoning an Anchorage, Whidbey Island, or Harper’s Ferry class LSD would also be necessary.


I know them, old Harpoon 4.1 commander :wink:

Surely RAZBAM build more and more landing ships (the LCAC, LCM-8 and LCU are in progress)




Man…that’s delicious looking…


I can’t wait to paint them up like so:

load them by the bushel onto the Kuznetsov, and shoot them down in my Tomcat…


well i mean after the flight model its not like Razbam would need to make a whole lot of weapons for the thing…



Oh the vortices! Please ED make them go away! Somebody over there watched too much WallE.





Not that they matter, but I’d wager like 75% of my net likes on this site are directly from copying images from Razbam’s Facebook.


See…keeping good company pays dividends…!


And it’s all worth it as long as I don’t have to visit this site which is PITA if you don’t have an account and don’t want an account.

Thanks for the service, buddy.


I love the view out of that canopy. Reminds me of my favorite military turboprop.




Yes, the Aerosoft Bronco X. They updated it for P3Dv4, but there still is a sound issue. Aerosoft has said in their forum that they will release a fix after summer holidays and a flight sim convention. With all of that glass, it’s incredibly fun to fly in VR, which I imagine the AV-8B will be.


Nice, I loved flying Tim Conrads in FSX


Tim’s PC-6 was great too. I think the Aerosoft one has been in the works for half a decade now.


Mr Conrad has produced some fine aircraft!