What a lovely aircraft. That would so rock in VR :slight_smile:

I have this crazy feeling and secret hope that the OV-10 might be Magnitute 3’s next aircraft. They are apparently working to get their next module ready for ED testing. With their current situation (small team after the break up of Leatherneck) and the apparent short development cycle, I expect this to be a simple aircraft. Also with their former name (Leatherneck) I still expect at least something about the Marines at some point from that group of people. Perhaps its the OV-10A?



I was sorely tempted to post some screenies of the AS Bronco, but I post so many, I didn’t want to overdo it!

Fantastic plane - was so pleased when it was released. I used to fly the freeware one (Piglet?) for years, but as good as it was, it was let down in a couple of items.

It’s a fantastic aircraft to fly around in, has great visibility, and is brilliant for STOL ops into and out of bush strips. I always found it difficult to judge straight & level by sight - it always looked like it was nose-down, when in fact, it was level.

Anyway - OT, so please get back to VIFFing :slight_smile:

edit: yes - Andrew confirmed it was Piglets!

PS - it’s friggin’ awesome in VR!!



Huh. The bombs seem to be coming off when the bomb release indicator is passing the gun cross, not the FPM. Wonder if that’s a Harrier thing or a Razbam goof.




Vegas by the sea, what’s not to love? :slight_smile:


Sand, I don’t like Sand. It’s coarse and gets everywhere. Not like Natalie Portman.


That’s not sand, it’s freaking moon dust. Still trying to figure out how it’s got inside sealed bearings.


Sand…why did it have to be sand?
Dunes. Very dangerous. You go first.


Video can cause motion sickness
THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN CLEARED TO PUBLIC RELEASE AFTER MANY REQUESTS OF MORE DEVELOPMENT INFORMATION BY THE DCS COMUNITY, so as such, it should NOT be considered in any way, form or regard as the final product, is here for you to see because you asked for it.
This is a test flight, mostly devoted to test “casual” flight, not using actual checklist on ordinance and weapons systems, but 1s timers “feel”.
It’s about a mock attack with MK82’s, target are 2 warehouses protected by AAA and MANPADS, terrain is NTTR.
Aircraft load out is 6 MK82 + ALQ-164 Jammer pod in the center line station
Keep in mind, that we are aware of most noticeable bugs in this video, and they are in most cases solved, right now our priority stands in systems and flight behavior, followed by art (either 3d or textures) .
As usual, everything is a work in progress, that includes my flying.
Sounds are still DCS default jet engine sounds, accurate sounder is being developed.


Well, saw that video and now…


Not joking, in that video was the cockpit was so… tangible.
Yeah, framerate was choppy and all but… really, I never felt so compelled to buy another DCS module.
Can’t wait the final release.

It was a real joy to watch.


I appreciate the effort, I wish they’d stop doing videos in VR.


For a non vr boffin like myself, how can you tell its in vr?

  1. FOV is all weird.
  2. FPS are low.
  3. The title says oculus rift.


DCS World 2.1 still needs to be optimized.


Just worth pointing out that although the FPS appears low in the video, it would still seem smooth in the headset with ATW and ASW enabled.


I live next to the Straights of Hormuz and I am so excited to see this map coming along. It will be so cool to have some epic battles over SOH.

The Jump Jet is looking GOOD!