I’m just saying the video isn’t a VR set, and it doesn’t have those features, so it looks jenky. I think they would be better served releasing 2D media and trusting the VR users will vouch once it’s released :smiley:


I think we get it. This is no professional movie. However, I like it very much and I am sure most people who are interested in the Harrier also like it.

komemiute hit it right on the head. The cockpit feels very tangible. Its a solid development video.

I’m grateful he shared it and I’m not about to be picky about it.




I don’t know, I’ve been known to enjoy a noncorporeal cockpit now and again, especially if I’m flying for Organia.

I’m on Kur’s six!



This is not a Il-78M Tanker, or?


There’s already a S-3B with a buddy store in game. It’s just not popular because everyone wants to do a full tank and the S-3’s give away is not very much.



Ship it


That is going to be far more doable in VR, although still far from easy. I can hardly wait to try it myself. :sunglasses:


It’s pretty easy to do right now if you know what you’re doing.


Lots of new UK ships. Landing Platform Carrier, Type 42, Type 23 and Type 22 by the looks of it.




Now we just need some Lynxs and Sea Kings for the Commando Helicopter Force…


My standard refuelling attempts


I think my mi-8 will take up half the landing deck


But what if you don’t know what you are doing? I mean there has to be someone else out there, right?


That is one MASSIVE mirror that ship is sitting on.
Frankly, a more impressive feat than the ship. Dozens of navies have ships that big, but who has a mirror that size?