Prowler relying to release date questions on DCS forums…
"Guys, let me be emphatic on this, it´s not me trying to get even more hype about it, it´s mainly because we are under an NDA (yeah i had to play the NDA card, sorry) and we are under heavy testing. This is an extremely complex aircraft to operate (not just fly it) and i´ve been flying it almost 5 hrs a day either under oculus rift or Track Ir 5, not to mention ED´s tests as well, and we are working hard to put it out there as bug free as possible for an early access. These last days my sole purpose has been to break the plane and deliver a broken plane to the code and/or 3d cockpit dev or the AFM dev (which has done a marvelous work!), it is a brutal process (and at the same time we keep revising whatever the community finds as a valid bug or miss dev), so be on the watch for ED´s news, and what we (or I) post here, FB or Youtube , once again, we are on schedule.


So, taking bets, the Early Access pre-order open maybe tomorrow, followed by release on the 22nd? :wink:


What does DiceBot have to say?

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@Fridge rolled d9999: 1711


Hmm 17.11% are not good odds.

Let’s do that again…

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@fearlessfrog Thats because thats a date, Feb 8th 2048… :wink:


Why do you guys fret so much about these modules? :wink:


This is like, 50% of what being a flight sim enthusiast is.


The other 50% is arguing over small yet insignificant details.


The other other 50% is scrolling past all the F-111 posts.


It’s true. I don’t so much FLY simulations as I do ANTICIPATE simulations. It’s like Christmas morning but with the date unknown until the developer says, “Hey everyone, It’s Christmas!”



I love every new airplane or module I buy. Simply because they are a game within the game for me:


You seem to be having trouble internalizing the collective Helsinki Syndrome that is modern flight simming.

May I suggest you read “Hostage - Terrorist, Terrorist- Hostage, A study in Duality.” for further elucidation?


In the year 2848,
If man’s skills are still that great
If flight sims still relate
We may find…


Sigh, as if i’m not already brandmarked as a Futurama nerd, well here we go.


You say that as if it’s a bad thing.

It’s not, is it? I hope not :slight_smile:


Futurama is the greatest show of all time.



Was. Was the greatest show. Shouldn’t we get back to the Harrier? :slight_smile: