DCS: AV-8B Night Attack by RAZBAM Update

This past week was an important milestone for RAZBAM’s AV-8B NA as it entered internal testing. Over the next several weeks, the module will be de-bugged, tuned, and added to in order to bring it to being available for pre-purchase and then its Early Access release.

Here are some images of this beautiful machine that RAZBAM is bringing to DCS World.



Dicebot with the accurate 17% chance of today estimation! :robot: :slight_smile:

On retrospect I guess it makes sense to be October-ish given that they hadn’t even got to ED internal testing as yet. Didn’t we forget about that bit last time as well with some other module?


I’m generally fond of Sith’s “One Month After Pre-Order” rule of thumb. That said the head Razbam honcho seems to be pretty adamant they’re on track for Q3, so who knows. I’ll pick it up whenever it comes out as a nice time sink until the Tomcattening.


I’m going to remain doggedly optimistic that we will get pre-order next week and maybe early access at the end of the month. Q3 isn’t over until Sept 30th :wink: .


Well hoping For an 11/1o/17 release date.

See what I did there ?


We’re all very much looking forward to a DCS F-117 one day @Bogusheadbox :slight_smile:



Doesn’t the module start internal testing from the moment it can actually be loaded into DCS? Isn’t that testing each time they load it up to see what it’s doing, even if they’re still deep in coding?

This talk of “internal testing” sounds like an arbitrary milestone name that is just another step on the long road of obfuscation to destroy the time-honored alpha/beta/rc/gold standards that we all knew and understood. Therefore it was doomed by current marketing theory which dictates that you need to keep coming up with fancy sounding names for steps in the development process even when they are really meaningless when it comes to how far you are from release.
Actual release. Not Early Access release, which apparently pre-dates beta.

Bottom line is there was nothing wrong with the old naming scheme, it made sense, and it’s really ridiculous that it was replaced with this 12 step scheme where placement of the product is more semantics than anything else.


I believe they mean ED internal testing, as in they’ve submitted it to be integrated into the release branch(es) of the game.


Shhh… let him have his pendantic time alone. All labels are arbitrary milestones in software development. It’s not like different terms mean different things to different audiences.


That was my impression to. Razbam tests it to death, then ED has to test it to death. External / internal…regardless, it is testing, and has to be done. Razbam may not have access to certain testing methods or criteria that ED has I’m guessing.


Don’t make me start sharing horror stories from the fragile-scrummerfall sdlc of sadness


I wonder if the track replay system could be used as a form of automated integration testing? Games and start-ups (or best mix, gaming startups) tend to treat repeatable software testing like ‘Gary is our button pusher, he’s our automation’ but I’ve always wonder how much places like Eagle buy in to the automated testing game. Where games used to be so release focused then ‘armies of random monkeys for two weeks’ pressing stuff was a valid approach, but now with this fancy dancy modules and base DCS world I’m curious if they’ve got to pimple popping maturity in terms of repeatable automated tests and regression. It must be hard to gauge quality with such a large surface area of public/private API and scripting.

I think @nicholas.dackard and Heatblur mentioned something about UI automation testing already?

(Alas, a bit off topic, but it might keep us busy for a few weeks until Mr Viff turns up).


Could it be possible DCS World 2.5 is very,very close and this module will roll out with that? I know WISHFUL Thinking…but THAT would be Amazing!!


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:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


@discobot thank you. Well folks you heard it here first.




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lol… I worked across the hall from one of the founders of Scrum. You made me smile.


well good lord, don’t let him know what travesties my company has inflicted upon his model!


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