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Comments from Prowler on the ED forums:

Yes, the hover/VTO stop is modeled, and works as it should

In fact, the only features missing for the moment are the moving map and some TGP functions, the rest is pretty much functional, regarding the avionics, regarding external model, there is a basic damage model (but the logic is there, so no “no wings” fly ability)which will be updated/upgraded with each new iteration.
HUD gives you accurate information in a proper manner, even as some of it still needs to be tuned up (yeah,we are aware of the pitch ladder not properly behaving with the flight path marker)

Flight model is pretty much accurate, and i can openly say that the current AV-8B pilot that tested it, was very much comfortable with what he got from us, even when he put it to it´s paces, but it will be fine tuned for the ultimate simulation experience. I feel very confident to say that this is the most accurate AV-8B representation to date in ANY publicly available simulation software, and as such, is very complex to operate, that´s why it has to be checked more than once.If you find the Mirage 2000C complex to operate, this is perhaps 3 times the workload, it really makes you respect the fine gentlemen currently flying them and taking them to war.
And this is the version without a radar…

Regarding our schedule, yes, we are still on it, what Eagle Dynamics is doing is double checking what has been done, and I´m glad they are doing it, if they feel safe taking a couple of weeks, i´m all for it, the great members of this fine community sometimes forget, it´s not either fast or easy to put out there a product, even worse one with the AV-8B characteristics, and i know this as a FACT, since i spent 13 years publishing flight sim add ons by myself. Sometimes it´s not just the product itself, but what surrounds it.
So this is my story, and I´m sticking to it, mainly because it´s true.

So, if you feel like bashing us and/or our product, please do so, bottom line i´m sure once you got it, you´ll enjoy it. Or maybe you´ll hate it out of frustration, the only thing i can guarantee you is that you´re going to spend many hours learning to operate this bird, and no, you can´t pull “true lies” stunts with it.


Sounds good so far.
Planes are really coming in nicely to DCSW.
Now if only…well, 2.5 is coming.



early acces pocket-manual!




This pleases me greatly! You will surely get the karkland!!


Lat time




Yuma is pretty far south. This can mean only one thing.



Easy map addition to model. Paint the whole thing sand colored and set all four seasons to hot.


The border AND Area 51? That can mean only one thing.

MIB confirmed!!!


Is there going to be a wall? A fabulous wall? The best wall that you have ever seen?





AGM-122 Sidearm testing





Yeah, I did see that and was like… WTF?! How did Glowing Amraam managed that visual realism?!?


because he’s glowing amraam… thats how.


First teaser trailer:

  1. Turn off that nav light :). 2 Having drogue refueling flashback panic attacks. 3. Looks wonderful!