Note: the AV-8B does not have glorious cheka autopilot constantly looking over your shoulder and trying to correct you.


At this point I’m not sure if that is good or bad. :slight_smile:


The autopilot is bad, how bad?


It sure is looking good. Not a criticism but was noticing the refueling of the Harrier. It has the probe, the Mirage has the probe, the F/A-18C is going to have a probe. Does anyone know whether ED is going to give the NATO side a proper “basket” refueler for all these western aircraft that have a probe?


There was talk of an MRTT (Voyager) a couple of years back - but whether that was another on the interminable VEAO list, I don’t know.


There’s a KS-3A in game. It just isn’t looking pretty by todays standards. Hopefully ED will patch her up someday before the hornet.


Yep, use it with the Mirage actually. But I swear I heard at one time that ED was working on the aircraft that the A-10C and the F-15C use and give her additional basket fuelers like they have in real life. Was just wondering whether that was still on.


KC-135 with wing packs? That sounds familiar to me too.

Plus the S-3 doesn’t have much loiter time and it’s very, very slow.


Heh, at the end of the vid, you see the carrier with the Av8 on it. You could tell it wasn’t british, we don’t have planes on our carriers. Apparently, top military brass thinks that is a huge deterrent.

Looking good.


I wonder if the Tarawa-class is included as part of the package? I guess it is. If they can do that then maybe they can do a refueller as well? :slight_smile:

Of course, ED may have bigger plans with the F/A-18 (Aussie!) anyway in terms of a blue tanker in 2.5…


The way I see it, we’ve got a few options


  • Razbam have, at different points, said they’d like to do a C-135FR and a KC-130. The C-135FR is the French KC-135 variant with drogue adapters. The KC-130 is a land based variant of the C-130 equipped with refueling pods on either wing primarily used by the Marines, but also the USAF and USN. No one has shown any models for either, I suspect they got swept aside by the push for the Harrier

  • Razbam also have super dibs on the A-6 and A-7, both of which could use buddy stores and could offer more give away fuel than the S-3

  • Razbam are in possession of a KC-130H and KA-6D model from their FSX days.


  • ED has a very fine KC-135 model that could either be equipped with wingtip drogue pods, or the dreaded “Iron Maiden” drogue attachment for the flying boom
  • ED also possess KC-10 model, which in reality is equipped with separate flying boom and drogue facilities. Said model is older than sin, but then again, so’s the poor S-3B


Here’s your crackpot conspiracy for the day. HB are spending an awful lot of currency on building a very fine looking 80’s CV. There were five aircraft at that point that could operate as tankers organic to a CVW: The KA-6D, KA-3, S-3, A-6 and A-7. One exists, Razbam have dibsies on another three. So clearly Heatblur AI EKA-3B Electric Whale confirmed. You heard it here first, folks.


If only there was a super hornet that we could use as a mini refueler. :thinking:


Fun fact IIRC: all those tankers’ fuel loads were getting smaller and smaller. KA-3 > KA-6 > S-3 > F/A-18E
…would love to have a Whale…


Given their interest in unconventional aircraft as demonstrated by the Viggen, and the time period the Forrestals were in service, this works. Especially if a Vietnam or North Sea map are altho in the works.


They also have a gorgeous VC-10K :sunglasses:






I wish someone would go back in time and show people what we would achieve…


I’ve been using the Razbam GR7/9 in P3D to learn the basics - if the DCS one is anywhere near as good, it will be fantastic. I can fly for hours in it, just admiring the cockpit and the view, and not get bored. (in VR, mind)


Wow! Those shots are fabulous!