G’dammit. between virpils announcement and this, how am i going to afford my russianbrides dotcom subscription.

Me likey


I am thinking a downgrade to the babushkabrides subscription level will be needed.


Wow! Just wow! Those screens are deep indeed.


That is very promising. Never really knew about RAZBAM prior to DCS but having purchased the Mirage 2000C, I’ve become a big fan indeed.


If you think getting in the basket in the 33 is hard…


I think that is it’s ‘retracted’ state but still, it sits off the pilots shoulder so that is going to be interesting (ie: frustrating). We may have to ask our wingman if we are on or not :slight_smile:


Oh this sentence… OH THIS SENTENCE!

You have no idea the physical pain I went through not to make a joke on that sentence


The air is very cold up there I guess. :slight_smile:


Glad it’s not just me…


Thank you for that @fridge but I wasn’t commenting on the fact that it was retracted. I am sure there is a button that can be pushed that will make the probe stick out (there you go @komemiute). The point I was trying to make is that if you look very closely you will notice that the probe and the FRONT OF THE AIRCRAFT are not in the screenshot at the same time. Just speaking for myself I have come to the realization that I have been relying on those two things being together for the limited success that I have had.

The more I look at it I think that screenshot could be the best advertisement for VR on this forum.


It’s going to be SO easy in VR! :slight_smile:



Aw, it isn’t that hard…


or this one:

This guy looks a bit… hesitant

Hey, Fridge - maybe you could just stick your hand out and pull it on!! :laughing:


that’s what the lights are for…


Had some practise refuelling in a Harrier in CAP2, you can turn on the training wheels which may reduce the temptation to shoot down the refueller :wink:

This video is from earlier build.

Don’t mind me trying to take the tanker on the leash later in the video.


CAP2 VR A2A refueling is awesome. It really showcases the depth perception that VR gives…


not required :wink:


There’s probably some good info in there. But Razbam has already released a WIP for the DCS AV-8B manual, and it already contains more pages than that.


I keep forgetting I have that installed… I should play with that more often.


Please RAZBAM…


You can do it right now. F-35 is more appropriate for that coat :slight_smile: