The F-35 could stand in for a horribly advanced Yak-141, but the Harrier is already significantly more capable than a Yak-38 as it is.


better RWR I guess :wink:


Ok, I’m going away for a couple of weeks from Thursday. This should be enough tragic galactic karma needed for an immediate Friday release announcement. (do it meme <- here).

too busy to think of one Insert meme here - Thinking emoji


RAZBAM has heard our prayers! They’re making an AI KC-130 that will be released alongside the AV-8B (for free).


That is really great news. They are going long ways to round out the proper environment for the AV-8B.


Very good move by RAZBAM / ED, now, if RAZBAM has the plan to get “realistic environment” to the AV-8B, next can be build ED / RAZBAM propel ground marine units assets, implement in the future the landing operations and improve the helo troop, assets transports (wishlist).


Sounds good.
Carefully optimistic now.


It’s an even better move since it also caters to the Mirage as well.


basically every flyable aircraft in DCS NOT the A-10 or F-15, lol.


I can’t wait to see this new refueling system. :smiley: You just need a very long straw.


Stranger things have happened.


no prophit it will be free and part of the DCSW Core.


Wonderful news!


Looking at the relative sizes of the refuelers we have and are getting, a question -

Does DCS track how much fuel is on board for delivery to the client aircraft?
Is it part of the entire fuel store and the refueler leaves at Bingo? Or is it tracked separately?


I imagine it is. I could be misremembering, but I seem to recall the S-3 would go bingo after refueling one or two Mirages.


I have no idea but good points. I would though really like ED to give the tankers smarter AI in that if I set up a route for a tanker in mission editor, give it the cruising speed, the AI once called by me will go the speed best needed for that particular aircraft needing refueling. I hate trying to figure out what speed I should set tanker for refueling the aircraft I’m flying.


From RAZBAM’s Facebook