DCS 2.5 looking good too. Shall we say two weeks?





Oh Lord that Glowing Amraam knows how to make a great video. Loved those deep bass moments. So were those explosions enhanced…or is all that debris flying something that has been recently added? Looks fantastic!


Holy hell. I rarely play DCS as I’m not a big button pusher, geez, that trailer made me wet.


new feat that will (hopefully) come with 2.5



Ah…that e’splains it…I was heading for Puerto Rico on the day that news dropped. I missed it. Fantastic!


Here is the bit from the Newsletter (this may be a draft - information subject to change without notice - not available in the shop as of 10:50 EST)):

DCS: AV-8B N/A VTOL by RAZBAM Available for Pre-Purchase with Discount

We are very pleased to announce the start of the pre-purchase period for RAZBAM’s eagerly awaiting AV-8B N/A VTOL! During the pre-purchase period, this module will be priced at $49.99 USD. Once the Early Access is released in late-November 2017, the price will be $59.99 USD.

Pre-purchase now in DCS e-shop

The AV-8B project was born in the early 1970’s as an effort to address the operational inadequacies of the AV-8A first generation Harrier, aimed to dramatically improve the capabilities and performance of the early AV-8A’s. The AV-8B made its maiden flight in November 1981 and entered service with the United States Marine Corps in January 1985. It later evolved into the AV-8B N/A (Night Attack) and AV-8B Harrier II Plus.

First flight of a modified AV-8B in the night attack configuration was on June 26th, 1987. Deliveries to the USMC began in September of 1989 to VMA-214 at Yuma, Arizona. Follow-up units based out of Yuma received their Night Attack AV-8Bs by the end of 1992.The AV-8B N/A variant (originally known as the AV-8D) had its first operational development in 1984 and included use of the NAVFLIR (Navigation Forward-Looking Infrared camera, consisting of a GEC-Marconi FLIR system mounted in the nose) for night operations. Additionally, GEC Cat’s Eyes night vision goggles were provided to the pilot as well as a revised cockpit with color MFDs, a wider field-of-view HUD display, a color CRT digital moving map, and a complete “heads-down” operation capability. The AV-8B N/A also sports four Tracor ALE-39 countermeasures dispensers along the top of the rear fuselage, in addition to two ALE-39 dispensers along the lower rear of the fuselage. The AV-8B N/A also fields an updated version of the Rolls-Royce Pegasus 11-61 (F402-RR-408) vectored-thrust turbofan engine.

The subject of this study level simulation is the AV-8B N/A Bu No’s 163853 and up which are the latest variant of this very capable AV-8B version.

Key Features of DCS: AV-8B N/A VTOL by RAZBAM include:

  • Advanced Flight Model that provides realistic performance and flight characteristics of a Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) aircraft
  • Highly detailed external 3D model and textures with animations
  • Highly detailed and accurate 6 DOF cockpit with high resolution textures, specular and bump mapping, and mouse-interactive controls
  • Highly realistic modelling of the aircraft systems including electrical, fuel, hydraulics, lighting, engine and navigation that includes:
    • Digital Engine Control System (DECS)
    • Automatic Fuel System
    • Air Refueling System
    • Electrical Power System
    • External Lighting
    • Internal Lighting
    • Hydraulic Power Supply System
    • Flight Control System (FCS)
    • Head-Up Display (HUD)
    • Up-front Control (UFC)
    • Option Display Unit (ODU)
    • Multipurpose Color Displays (MPCD)
    • VREST Computer (for jet-borne flight)
    • Air Data Computer (ADC)
    • Environmental Control System (ECS)
    • On-Board Oxygen Generating System (OBOGS)
  • Realistic weapons, sensor, and defensive systems include:
    • Air-to-Air and Air-to-Ground GAU-12 Equalizer 25 mm (0.984 in) 5-barreled Rotary cannon pod
    • 6 under-wing pylon stations holding up to 9,200 lb (4,200 kg) of payload which include:
    • AIM-9 Sidewinder or similar-sized infrared-guided missiles
    • AGM-65 Maverick Air-to-Surface missiles
    • Mark 80 series of unguided bombs (including 3 kg [6.6 lb] and 14 kg [31 lb] practice bombs)
    • Paveway series of Laser-Guided Bombs (LGBs)
    • Joint Direct Attack Munitions (GBU-38, GBU-32, and GBU-54)
    • Mark 20 Cluster Bomb Units (CBUs)
    • AN/AAQ-28V LITENING targeting pod
    • ALQ-164 ECM Pod
  • Several skins
  • Detailed Operational Manual and Pocket guide
  • Instant Action, Single, and Training Missions
  • Detailed representation of the USS Tarawa (LHA-1), lead ship of her class.


Here’s the post! so assumingly final. The link to the store does not yet seem to work. The last Friday of November is the 24th.



I came here just to confirm…


Update for DCS World happen on Wednesday - not Friday, under normal conditions!


Here she is! No buy button yet, though. and a bit underpriced


That was supposed to be the plan :slight_smile: but the last few big updates, like the Su-33 release, happened on a friday again iirc.


Cha-ching. Pre-purchased ! :slight_smile:


Me too…!


Looks like the LHA is included.


What’s the rush to pre-purchase, when it won’t be out for a month? :slight_smile:


None really. But then it doesn’t matter if you do it now or then if you are still going to do it and you have the money available. Some of us are not patient people :slight_smile: