:stuck_out_tongue: I’m in a great mood today.


You know what’s really good at putting FoV arguments to rest? VR.

In 2D the F-15 and A-10 canopy bows look about six inches wide, and the Mirage HUD pedestal looks about set to crush your ripcage. In VR they both look fine. FWIW Having seen the view M2M kindly posted, I’m convinced it’s correct. The glare shield around the ICP/HUD installation is very wide, it’s position close to the eye gives it a deceiving prominence in photos taken in the real thing.


*ahem* rivet count debate *ahem*


Bah. I don’t care much as long as the systems and the flight model are accurate.


… but I always despised rivet counters for destroying the sim genre… what I have become, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Indeed, and I know someone who is currently giving us an early preview who has a Rift… :wink: … calling @BeachAV8R


I also see my behaviour in a different light now.

I want to sincerely apologise, @damson.



Sure man. Who needs enemies when one can have friends like you :wink: Anyway just bought the module. You made me DO THIS man!


Well, I guess I deserve that. :smiley:
Hey, really though, let me know what you think of that!
I’m kinda envious… :slight_smile: In the good way.


Sure, I just have to re-download DCS World + NTTR as I have removed it some time ago from my HDD and said to myself I will reinstall when 2.5 comes out, but hey any reason to redownload 60 GB of data must be a good one.


Ok I increased the taper more from my original pic shown, the curve starts right at the UFC glare plate now.

Here is a screenshot of the max orthographic view and in-game 2D view of the new rework, the FOV issue is still present, but it’s better.


Already looking better to me, when the module comes out? I just realized after installing Open Alpha it’s not availalble in the module manager for download. :disappointed_relieved:


Sometime later this month. Beach has a press copy.

also @Metal2Mesh, I appreciate you taking the time to interact with greek chorus. :wink:


I don’t know the date, I just play with the triangles.


F-111 Triangles ??? !!!


Look at that service…! Hey…you guys are doing an awesome job on that module. I really had a great time just learning the start and taking it around the pattern last night.


Thanks, some good guys on this team.


This is more or less Zoom more than FoV Changes.


Zoom, FoV (field of view), AoV (angle of view) - it’s all the same.


TBH it’s something I’ve had trouble with in DCS for years now. Getting the combination of zoom/FOV/seat position right so that I don’t feel like I’m an Ewok (yub yub!), wearing fish-eye lenses, or banging my head on the canopy like Andre the Giant is always a battle and my TIR calibration/office chair spot just adds to it.

In some ways, I miss the days of 2D-only cockpits where it just was without all the fuss.