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Talking about the 3d model of the Harrier, there is a little thing, so not a big deal, that capted my attention some time ago. The air intakes look imo a bit odd, I mean they don’t look round, and no, I’m not talking about polygons but the shape itself. I clearly see (in every picture showing them) a couple or three vertices that make them look not circular. I don’t think perspective has anything to do, as I see this in all pictures and more clearly in the front view ones.

I don’t see this in the mirage for instance so maybe there is something wrong with the model?

Thanks for the great work!


it’s been adjusted already, those are older builds.


great news, thanks!!


its always great when somebody from devs stops by :beers: :+1:


ahem rivet count debate ahem

In response to someone bringing that up, show them wonderful doubler plates and other repair patches. Found on every. Single. Aircraft. Most aircraft leave the factory with some sort of fixed defect(and logged, and deducted from the bill, obviously), I can assure no two aircraft have the same amount of rivets!

Quoting is buggered right now. oh well.

EDIT: Why does DCS call it a Pre-Sell for the Harrier? Strange wording innit?


It’s the counter-transaction to what many of us did: “pre-buy”.


Preorder is the accepted term, yes, but if you want to know why they used that one because internet.


Wasn’t the name “Flaming Cliffs” originally some sort of direct translation of some Russian term/title…?


Loosely translated -

Best things come in time. Best things also come with swing wings, bomb bay, mach2.0 capability and Pave tac!


If I remember correctly, the initial translation was “Hot Cliffs”. It was than changed to something only slightly less goofy.


Hot Rocks.


That’s what we call the reactors on a ship.


Right, that was it! Good THAT was binned. But I am still bewildered how Flaming Cliffs got through :slight_smile:


I think we should go with Hot Rocks from here forward.


Hot cliffs sounds really awesome though


This ^



Games that have the word “Flaming” in the title sells 15% more in mid-late stages of life and more in the bargain bin.


Is that like the trend in the last decade of throwing “Extreme” onto the front or back of any product?

Extreme Kleenex
Preparation-H Extreme
Charmin X-Treme