Hear hear! Flying the Mirage training missions has taught me so many things I didn’t even know I needed to know.


What !!!??? the mirage has training missions?

I’ll have to check it out. Cheeses and cold meats is all i know about baguette’s


Awww, no love for dynamic campaigns?

ED, get it together and fix those bugs that are holding me back from working on more and better DCs. There is a pretty extensive, almost finished Viggen DCs burning on my HDD for 8 months now. Waiting, among other things, for AI Viggens to not crash on take off…


Only in 1.5.7


The sounds you hear in the current vids are only “placeholder” sounds for the working version. All will be changed in final product. I’ve seen this in the forums and on at least one review video on YouTube.


Beautifully done review of the DCS Razbam Harrier by Jabbers.


That is one of the best previews I seen so far - I enjoyed his VR set-up video as well. Someone should invite @jabbers here. :slight_smile:


Yeah, he does some really good stuff and usually very informative. Don’t know where he hangs out online.


Dynamic campaigns mean different things to different people. What I call “dynamic” in DCS is only dynamic to me because other humans are doing the flying. A DCS-type scripted campaign that logs battlefield conditions to set the board for the next mission isn’t really “dynamic” to me in single-player. I have been trained by another sim to expect an underlying wargame that requires just a teeny bit of computing power to drive hundreds of units. I embrace the bubble. ED scoffs at it.

The point above about the criminality of not including a training campaign with any paid module is well taken. It is actually very easy to do. A good mission designer could write a 15 stage training campaign in a week.


doesnt every module have a set of training missions? I know my viggen, mirage, blackshark and C hog do.


I think most do, but people jump between 1.5 and 2.0 and sometimes they aren’t there for the new map etc.


yeah. that 2.5 merge needs to happen fatherblarping yesterday.


That’s all fine and good if you happen to be in a timezone where that will work, in a house where that will work (voice comms), and where you can happen to find some people that want to take time out of their flying to hold you by the hand. I tend to fly when I find a gap in my schedule and it can be rather impulsive…so I like the fact that I can fly some training missions when I can find the time…even given the sometimes wonky AI and the sometimes DCS updates breaking missions.

While I don’t think it would happen…it sure would be awesome if they moved all DCS module training to NTTR. I know it won’t happen because they already have a ton of training content written and published for the Black Sea map, and they’d have to probably make NTTR part of the base package. I’d love to have all my training done in a familiar area (not that I AM familiar with NTTR, but I would be).

Yeah, I get what you are saying, but I do find the stories that tie some of the campaign missions together somewhat compelling. I feel like I’m participating in a novel with various levels of quality…but I do enjoy seeing the story evolve over time. I think the reason I like some of the campaign so well is that they are somewhat plodding and training oriented in the beginnings. I like missions where I actually don’t fire a weapon and get a tour of some area with some good dialog. I really need to make some time to try out @EightBall’s Vegas missions (and finish my Advanced Tactical Training, and fly all of @Baltic_Dragon’s campaigns…etc…etc…etc…). So as a predominantly single player player, I do enjoy the campaigns, missions, and DLC that is offered out there. For $10, I can play for 10 or 20 or more hours, and I find some value in that even if I never go back to it again.

That will be fun…!

I’ve played some campaigns where there is a text option (using the F10 menu?) that allows you to pass a mission by selecting it in a context mission. This I feel is a good option for those that run up against a frustrating trigger event or glitch (or CTD) that causes them to lose hours they’ve invested through no fault of their own.

I think some of the problem there has to do with people’s attention span. Personally, I really (really) enjoy a story, a fairly intense briefing with a half a dozen “recon” images, and a solid plan for the mission. I feel like a well crafted mission involves a really nice briefing, planning by looking at maps, intel, being careful with a loadout, and going through a full cold start. Sure - not everyone has time for that, and I think FC3 level aircraft are great for that very reason. There are also times I just want to start up, fly to waypoint #1 and blow stuff up. For that…it’s usually better to just go online since every server has that option pretty much.

Agreed. Even if ED has to hire someone to make it.

Exactly. Let campaign missions be the complex ones. Training missions can be very simple and demonstrate simple concepts in a building block fashion.

Couldn’t agree more.


Don’t you have a Harrier you should be posting screenshots of?


Yeah…LOL…I do. I just unpacked my laundry out of my bags…and did have to spend the morning mowing up leaves that were covering my lawn. Getting ready to settle in with a beer, some chili, and hopefully get some Harrier love.



Hey guys,

Just on Harrier training and campaign.

I spoke to Razbam and proposed a mix. Loving to do things as realistic as possible I think I will deviate from the standard training with instructions read out by someone with a voiceless pilot and nothing at all happening around.

What I plan to do is do a basic set of missions for NTTR (but in a dumbed - down Iron Flag format, so with real characters for pilot, instructors and some other flights, perhaps also custom ATC). This would be realistic as this is where the Marines train (though their real base is not on the map, pity). You will drop BDUs, TGMs all this kind of stuff.

Then there will be second part, more advanced training in Caucasus during joint exercises with the Georgians, using LHA and live munitions. All that included in the module and - knowing myself - feeling more like a campaign than a training. Oh, and some of the missions will be MP-flyable out of the box.

Not to make people wait too long (I do have a Harrier but am waiting for most of the stuff to be finished before I even start doing the training) I am thinking about releasing the missions as soon as they are ready and use feedback from players to update / fix them.

Campaign will be a DLC but I am not sure yet what will be the main story or where it will be (if SoH is close to being out when I finish the training I will go straight for it, as I have a good scenario featured already in upcoming Red Flag and Iron Flag campaigns).

Oh, and I also plan to recreate so historical missions (I have at least 5 books to read) that will be released as single, MP-flyable ones later on.


Sounds awesome @Baltic_Dragon - sign me up…! Don’t forget some emergencies and failures. It would be nifty to see some of those range objects that one of the virtual squadrons uses.


As a pre-order-er-er I would be keen on this - it sounds like a nice idea as there will always be bits and pieces to fix up on a new release so the sooner the better. I’m good with the training missions being in ‘early access’ themselves as well.


Follow up Jabbers AV-8B systems video. Step your game up @BeachAV8R :wink:

Not refueling though, not seen a video of that so possible it’s not done.