Yeah…the only one I had seen was by RAZBAM themselves…and it was unsuccessful…

I think Jabbers is a real Marine Harrier pilot…err…yeah…


Please come out Black Friday, Please come out Black Friday…

Today in the news, a man in Portsmouth NH was accused of sacrificing his neighbors chickens in a strange ritual in his backyard. The police indicated the man kept muttering the word Harrier and the sacrificial spot was drawn in the shape of a stubby looking airplane…


I hope it’s just this year, but I’m getting way too cranky.

I spent the majority of that video fuming about delivery technique. If you’re insisting on using a ten or twenty degree attack dive, you don’t get to complain accuracy with unguided weapons. Nice landing though.


Maybe. There is a lot of good in that video and he’s certainly doing a better job than I would be doing :-). I am looking forward to the doing the practice though. No need to me a negative nanny :slight_smile:


No one should me a negative nanny :smiley:

Having watched the Mirage controversy evolve, I’m just concerned people will take the inherent inaccuracy of the system as a bug.

EDIT: He posted another one.


didnt read it yet



Oh wow, it’s been 2 years already but I remember vague video’s and being not really interested to absolutely loving the aircraft!


TwoMoreWeeks needs to bring on a native English writer. That was just to painful to try to read.

Interesting that they are contemplating another Harrier, Gr.7 perhaps.


Personally I’d like one with a radar on the nose, either a SHar or a Plus, so you can do some mixed missions escorting the NA.

I’m sure someone will make a Falklands scenario using Hormuz, Harriers, and the M2K as a stand in for the Argentine Mirages.

To this day, no one has managed to match the Longbow 2 training experience. It was just brilliant how it walked you through everything and made you feel like you had a real instructor in the other seat.


I’m going to need a faster aircraft with longer legs for the MUDSPIKE Christmas 2017 journey. Need to be finished when the AV-8B drops.


I dunno man - the default DCS A-10C training missions were pretty good weren’t they? I mean, that dude sounded authentic and the way the training stuff guides you around the cockpit with those yellow arrows is pretty well done.


“Enough with the rockets. Time to move on to the next waypoint.”


It was close, but it didn’t match. The way the instructor could give you control and then take it back as well as indicate what was what in the cockpit…
Of course, let’s list all the other modules with training missions as nice those here:



I thought the F5-E training was pretty nice. What did you think of that?


the ka50 instructor also points out stuff. he totally does NOT teach taming the autopilot tho.

Ka-50 noobery

for what its worth I did the training for M-2000C, though there still are some inaccuracies I am waiting to polish once the updates are out (soon).

And have you guys tried this training mission (D/L link in the first post)?: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=166603


I don’t have the F-5E or the M2K, so I wouldn’t know.

In fact, I have what is probably considered a short list now.

Ka-50 (which after almost 10 years including BS1 I have still never used the autopilot or 90% of ABRIS, it’s just a moving map or Shkval repeater), A-10C, FC3, CA, P-51 (barely touched), F-86 (barely touched), MiG-21 (barely touched), Viggen (barely touched)…I think that’s it. While the Mustang was a gift, I bought the rest and still wind up flying the older planes the most because I know them and when I get a chance to fly I tend to gravitate towards flying a mission vs learning a new plane…especially when I’m flying MP. I want to learn the others, but I just haven’t had time.

I did have 21 taxiing down cold, but never got past using the guns. It’s been so long now I’ll need to start from scratch.


heh. i am enjoying clambering up the learning cliffs. i actually dread knowing it all, because then i’d have to fly smart and tactically and skillfully.


I guess I am a bit old-fashioned. Or maybe just old. My ideal for training was how (no surprise!) it was done in Falcon 4. The text for the training scenario was in the manual. Read that through a couple of times then go fly. The mission would start in a freeze while the “instructor” set the pit up for the scenario. After that the mission was very lightly loaded in terms of dynamics. The less the best, I say. And please: No voiceovers and no “terrorists”, “rebels” or “separatists”!


Almost bed time. Here’s to hoping there will be another av-8b video when I wake.

Seriously though, the stream of DCS pointy jet media lately has been absolutely sublime.