Some great shots there. Love the smoke trails in DCS World now…


it was good fun. Sorry I had to go !!


@Bogusheadbox I am frankly surprised that you would change the code from the default of 1111 to any other number.


You, like, totally have to recreate those “True Lies” scenes!


I do quite often. If there is a jtac I switch to 1688 to utilise their laser. Otherwise no, I just leave it as 1111


The scene with Jamie Curtis dancing you mean?


Ah, finally I meet another man of taste…



You tell that son of a ***** we have a Bright Boy Aluehart!*

* Arnie-ized, -ed


Heheheh, that’s one!
Plus the skyscraper/crane chase…


Another one of my jokes gone wrong, I see :grin:

I do quite often. If there is a jtac I switch to 1688 to utilise their laser. Otherwise no, I just leave it as 1111


I’m sure he has an ‘F’ sticker in front of the laser code and markers out that last ‘1’.


LOL @smokinhole I totally missed that…


Does anyone know what the exact conditions are for CW NOGO and P NOGO on the annunciator panel?

I know it means Continuious Wave Radar Jammer Failure and Pulse Doppler Radar Jammer failure. Do these just light up when the ECM pod is not added or is it a system that isn’t modelled yet?


I believe that is the case.


damson is correct with one caveat. You only get those indicator lights if you turn on the ECM switch and the ECM pod is not added. If the pod is not added and you leave ECM switch off, the lights will stay dark.




New Caucasus mission, by our one and only @Baltic_Dragon, been flying it single player but it’s tremendously fun! Designed for two players though so keep that in mind. It’s a scenario where you have to fly back and forth to the SOB to rearm and refuel so that you can keep up the air support on a front line!

Fire Brigade: River Defence, check it out in the AV8BNA missions menu!


I am loving the harrier but my time to fly or even post has been very limited lately. But how about arranging a session to fly co-op?


Sounds like a plan! How’Sunday for you? I’m sure we could add some extra toys to accommodate anyone else interested!


I need some advice, I got normal MK-82’s loaded up, and I’ve noticed before the L and H next to the upper selection buttons. What does this mean? High and Low release profiles? High and or Low drag? Can’t find anything in the pocket guide.