you get love bombs and hate bombs. use acordingly.


This. Not sure if it’s stated in the guide but I’ve read it on the ED forum.


But if it’s a normal MK-82, what kind of difference does the selection make? Should I only use the L profile?


I don’t think it makes a difference for slick mark 82’s Still work in progress I think. Its for the high drag snake eyes where you can select between hi and low drag.


Cheers, I thought that too but I am not sure. It does make the most sense.


But last i tried, snakeyes still only drop in high drag regardless of setting


Could be they’ll add that in a later update.
I didn’t realize the snake eyes even had a setting where you could drop them without deploying the fins. I always had carried both types and just switched between them.


I didn’t think you could - I thought you are just setting what the computer is supposed to be calculating. If you drop them with the low drag setting, the fins still deploy but they end up landing way short (?). I could be wrong on that though. You might be able to change the setting of the ones with the inflatable thingy (AIR).

Don’t believe me though. There is high odds I’m wrong.


Oh, you mean the computer doesn’t know ahead of time which fins are attached and you need to specify manually?
While that makes sense, I would think it would be easy enough to have both types as separate database entries with the 2 different sets of delivery profiles.

On fast jets I preferred the AIR fins for accuracy, but on the A-10 I find it’s too slow. :smiley:


Didn’t think about that. You may be right there @BeachAV8R


I shall do science tonight, for us!


Yeah, it depends on the fuzing/fins on the bomb. I’m not super smart on that stuff without looking it up so I couldn’t tell you which gives you what.

For the Rhino specifically, we could get in-cockpit selectablity for FF/RET but we’re prohibited from doing so. Instead we plan for one or the other and just have to change the option in the jet to make sure we get the correct release computed. The bomb will be physically wired such that when it comes off, it either retards or doesn’t.

Yeah, at least for dumb bombs. Smart weapons are a different story but when you’re talking about just slinging hunks of metal of the jet, you’re gonna have to tell it what is so the mission computers compute for the right ordnance.


Fun fact: the Harrier’s TAC-000 and TAC-050 are out there on the web. The H/L options in the stores page are directly analogous to the Hornet’s FF/RET options. They select the proper profile and arm the part of the stores rack that pulls the drag device’s wire. There are a bunch of caveats about fuse type and device type, and what is and is not allowed, and what can and cannot be set in the air. The BSU-49 (AIR in game) seems to be pretty variable, the older Snake Eyes kit appears to be set on the ground and what you got is what you get.


Ah…that’s what I was curious about. If there WAS a way to make that change sort of “electronically”. Since you can pick N/T fusing, I figured there might be a way…but wasn’t sure if the fins were just hard wired closed (or not wired) prior to the mission start.



Let’s watch @Bogusheadbox run to the bathroom with some tissues:



How much would you reckon will be modelled in the harrier and hornet concerning these options?


In the context of a single seat strike aircraft? I’d imagine press button for high drag, press other button for low drag. I’m pretty sure the A-10C has the option. Going deeper into fusing and what not only exposes things DCS doesn’t do at the moment.


The H and L modes only apply to the Snakeeye bombs, normal MK82’s on the outer pylons are still only selectable in the normal mode(82).

But, there’s no difference in the attack profile or accuracy, H and L both appear to be high drag release calculations. I would guess that this is not implemented yet.