When 2.5 dropped, I began making all new profiles starting with the default. I’m just wondering if I will need to make the Harrier one again. I’ll watch this space. Thanks.


I’m thinking it may be time to clear and redo every single plane, actually.


I think thats a good idea with the latest update, but i have a feeling that this is a bug introduced with the controls update


I dont think the Harrier received the new base profiles as it is 3rd Party, but if it did, you can either delete the ones from saved games and start over or wait till Mondays hotfix and they will remove the new ones.


I think that functionality has been in there for a long time, so that you know where you dropped your last bomb and see if you need to make any adjustments, also helps you finding back the target area.


Really … makes sense, but i dont recall it being in any patch notes … :grin:


Perhaps it is a bug, the manual doesn’t speak of this feature:

CCIP Delivery Mode:

The Continuously Computed Impact Point (CCIP) delivery mode is a computed visual delivery mode with manually initiated weapon release.It is selectable by the pilot for bomb deliveries. It is automatically enabled by the ACP when rockets or the gun have been selected.

Bombs: In CCIP mode, the ground impact point is continuously computed and displayed as a cross on the HUD. The pilot’s task is to maneuver the aircraft so the CCIP cross is on the target, at which time the pilot press the [Bomb Pickle] to release bomb


Just tried it again with the new hotfix … and the behaviour is exactly the same, if there is no designation, and you drop a mk82 in CCIP, It will mark the place under the CCIP cross as target… could someone else have a go just to see if I am going mad or losing marbles, or its somnhting with my control set up.


It’s always been that way for me, never paid much mind to it.


The actual Harrier’s NATOPs and TAC manuals are both available online, I think they’re linked somewhere above in this thread. You guys can read through and check if this is desired behavior or a bug.


cheers for the reply … It has been a while since i flew the av8 and dropped some dumb bombs, if only they could get the ripple functions working.


Do you know in what manual this would be? I can’t seem to find it so far.

EDIT: never mind, found it

Note the “Target Designated at weapon release for reattack”

as far as I am aware it always has been in there too.


Glad you found it.

Just reposting this for any other deviants VTOL aficionado out there.


Cheers! Wasn’t sure if I should repost it or not since I had to google a bit to find them again. Ton’s of manuals out there too, I don’t really ever use those so had to look around a bit.


Anyone else having problems getting CCIP gun mode to work? Worked fine a couple patches ago but now my gun won’t go to CCIP at all.


I selected the gun from the MFD and it went into A/G mode with no problems


Does it properly calculate the impact point on the ground?


seems to … just strafed a tanker in the gulf… :grin:


Must be too used to the Bug’s gun pipper, thanks!


So I am pretty sure that I’ve had this problem before but I can’t seem to get my IRMV’s to lock. I am using the TPOD to identify the target, selected the IRMV in the STRS page, UNCAGE the maverick. Then when I press action down nothing happens. I think it’s because the mav is slaved to the TPOD right? So when I turn off the TDC at the TPOD and I do the TDC Down action I will have the DMT come to life and do it’s own thing.

I just can’t remember where I keep going wrong :smile:

@Cib perhaps you remember?