Harrier mavs take forever to spin up…


That’s not the problem, the mav’s and tpod are warmed up and operational.


You must uncage and lock the mav by slewing its own crosshair to the target. Neither the tpod or DMT will lock it automatically for you. They will only center the crosshair on the target you want. Uncage, move the crosshair, and move it back to achieve lock.


Right, so I can uncage it but can’t control it, heck I can’t fire of a mav even with following chuck’s exact steps and not using the DMT/TPOD.


Hmmm. Are you starting the mission loaded out or adding them at the airfield? And I assume G models?


indeed, G model and selecting them as a loadout in the mission editor.


I never sussed it unfortunately DOH


Try starting clean and then add them at the airfield


Aah shame cib, and will do tanker!


U can also press TDC


For me, when using using the TGP:

  • Find target with TGP
  • Turn off TDC on TGP view
  • Select Maverick
  • Uncage Maverick
  • Maverick should be slaved to TGP point
  • Sensor select forward? Or down? Forget which, it’s bound to my stick’s forward button, but I have to press it twice (first selects INS, second press selects Maverick)
  • If Maverick has a lock, the crosshairs will be narrowed; if it doesn’t, I’ll slew it slightly, where it usually gets a lock
  • If within 5-6NMi, launch the missile. I don’t wait for the “IN RNG” cue.


Pretty much what I was doing, going to give it another go today and see if I forgot one of those steps! Thanks!


From Razbam FB
"The HUD repeater with HUD flir video and the FLIR MPCD video.


I think I found the problem, sensor select fwd doesn’t switch to IRMV for me, it shows me the feed from the mav when I uncage, and I can change it’s FOV and such, but I cannot get the INS in the upper left corner to change. I think it’s bugged?

Doing a little more experimentation, I can only get the IRMV sensor to display on the INS(with the keyhole and such) if I first go to the STRS page.

So it appears to be user error, when I put the TPOD right and the MAV left there was no problem, easy peasy lemon squeezy, boom goes the target!


That’d be it then, I usually have my stores page up on the left and the TPOD on the right. No idea if that’s realistic behavior or not.



WIP video of the bomb interval settings.

I must say, Razbam selecting someone to be a dedicated “Community Manger” seems to be working for them. The attention given to the Harriers bugs since Decoys appointment has been rather refreshing, compared to what it has been.


Absolutely, makes me happy to be honest!


Public bug tracker for the Harrier (and Mirage) here:


Nice to see!


Spent a while frustrating my self tonight thinking I was doing something wrong, turns out the latest update broke bombs for the Harrier.