AUTO mode has some issues that need to be addressed, maybe now that it is totally not working they will take care of it.


The half step forward - three steps back thing is really getting old. I mean, this isn’t small things being broken by patches, but core functionality.

And of course, fanboys in the products forum who are happy shooting Mavs at trucks, shout down any attempt at customer pressure.


Its so useless pressuring these small time devs. Its not as if they dont feel the pressure already. No lets get on their backs and scream in their ears how we want more of their time and dedication because we are Gods holy almighty customers! Nope.


My frustration came from them not even appearing to acknowledging it. I took a swing back through and they have acknowledged and a fix and has been sent in. Hopefully it will be in before the fly in.



Am I the only one worried that this will just get pushed to stable tomorrow?


Yeah, I think that’ll happen. I need to do some experimenting and see if we might be able to wing it with the auto and CCIP mode.


considering that updating stable means copy the current open beta and rename it, pretty sure it will be in there.


As we all know, “stable” is not the same as “bug free”. There should be no game-breaking bugs, but a particular plane having systems issues is not the same thing.

So I wouldn’t imagine this would have any bearing. A game crash when you try to drop the bombs would. It’s a good thing there are so many planes in DCS, though, so that if one is broke you can fly others till they fix it.

Back when it was just the A-10C that luxury didn’t exist. Of course, development went far slower then.


Temp workaround that works for me:

Use auto mode and wait for the timer to get down to ~2 seconds, then switch to CCIP and pickle the bomb. All of my GBU-12s hit with no problems doing this. The only thing is I had my TGP on the right display and switching to CCIP caused it to go to the ARBS and I couldn’t move out of that until I left CCIP mode, so I put my TGP on the left display.

This might not be as effective if you don’t have the cage/uncage button mapped to your stick, which also controls AUTO/CCIP modes when bombs are selected.


Nice work around @Franze :+1:

No update today so I feel my fears of large bugs being pushed were premature.