Aside from the two modules blacked out, there is a A29B and the F15SE on the list.

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A-29B Tiger II? F-15ESE? :thinking:

Me gusta.

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Didn’t they say they were “very close” to releasing the early access of the Mudhen months ago? Can’t make sense of those guys.

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Looks like it may fairly close. We’ve known about the A-29 for some time, I’m assuming the blacked out ones are from other developers?

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, unless they show at least one picture of any working cockpit system (because so far there have been zilch), it seems just oh so unlikely. Call it self-protection.


All i need is a working speedometer and an altimeter. The mudhen carries enough rockeyes that some will land on target at least.


Should be fun flying a Strike Eagle that can’t ripple bombs and the fuzing is set to whatevs.


Meh, flies further than the Bug, carries a bigger bomb load, and still packs AAMs to fight in and out with.

Fuzes? We don’t need no steenking fuzes!

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Someone FTFM but there is pics of the Strike Eagle posted on RAZBAM’s Facebook page. Judging by the lack of weapons on the plane, looks like it’s nearing release status.

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Eh, see some untextured bits in the cockpit, leads me to believe that it’s probably 4-5 months down the line.


As much as I love the Mudhen I’m afraid it will be long in the developement cycle. A/G radar is still not implemented even on the ED’s Hornet. Not to mention we have to be able to make those patch maps to make full use of its radar capability.

But when it’s done …




They don’t plan to update the external model, like ED did with the Hornet?

What makes you think that?

I only see WIP cockpit screens, while it is meant to be released in a few months.

I wouldn’t take that to the bank. :wink:


From the last video it seems they are still pretty early in development. I’d bet more than a year from release at least… (Nothing wrong with that, of course)

I was under the impression that the external model has been updated by Razbam for a couple years now?

I have never seen a new F-15E external model in DCS from RAZBAM. We see plenty of the MiG-19 and Tucano models but nothing for the Strike Eagle yet. Do you mean the current model is made by RAZBAM?

And since it was said the Mudhen would arrive in months, and this was a few months ago, it leads me to the impression that the 3d model won’t be updated.