From Baltic D Facebook
" In the next Open Beta patch you will get a brand new training mission for the #StrikeEagle covering the basics of using the LANTIRN targeting pod. And possibly one more on the autopilot if things go well. Razbam Simulations #DCS #dcsworld #f15eagle"


From Baltic D Facebook
" Looks like the manual needs a solid new chapter! Who can guess what point I am going to drop on? Razbam Simulations DCS World by Eagle Dynamics #StrikeEagle #f15eagle"

Martini recipe?

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Can those be carried under the wings or are they fuselage stores only?

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JDAMS Inbound!!! :eyes: :eyes:


Happened across this about the F15, if not factual(?) does tweak the imagination. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

NEW Upgraded F-15EX III Shocked Russia And NATO Countries - YouTube


Factual like most news videos on you tube - just make up what ever comes into your head. Single Seat F-15X…LOL nope.

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Cool video! Got my hopes up though, Thought it said LITENING, guess i shouldn’t browse before coffee lol

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Good day fellas,
I am trying to learn this great bird. The Mudhen is extremely challenging from a2a to a2g.
This week my focus is Lazer bombs. I find myself frustrated by a problem i cant resolve. Sometimes when i press pickle the TGP jumps away from the target . This ruins the whole pass of course. Other times i get a good track all the way to the target. I dont know why this happens. Im using manual lazing.

That sounds weird, never had any problems like this. Few things you can check:
Make sure you designate the target first and then command track (auto acq press). Also make sure you don’t accidentally hit auto acq aft if you don’t have the target cued with radar or markpoint.

Area track seems to not stabilize like it should. My flow is to designate with TDC depress, then slew the TPOD slightly off target (don’t release the TDC yet) then back on target (now release TDC) and it will stabilize.

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Do you command a track after you designate? I don’t think it starts tracking on its own.

Edit: IIRC ATRK or PTRK will be boxed once you have a good track so if it just says ATRK or PTRK you don’t have a track. Not 100% sure and I can’t test right now but I think that’s how it works. So designate, then command a track and verify ATRK or PTRK is boxed.

On static targets I don’t recall commanding a track, just slew, TDC depress, slew to workaround the ground stabilize bug. For moving targets I have PTRK boxed (can’t remember how…ACQ depress?) and simply slew the crosshairs on the target and it automatically latches.

Yeah acq depress. I will test when I get the chance but I think you have to command a track for both.

Edit: Yes, you need to command a track for both, otherwise the camera will float around. If ATRK is not boxed you don’t have a stabilized picture

see the first screenshot here:

I also noticed that you don’t have it boxed in any of your screenshots which means you never had a good track when you took the screenshots. This could explain the problems you’re exoeriencing with ATRK although it should also apply to PTRK.

I went through a bunch of my old TPOD recordings and yeah, I don’t have area track boxed for most. I do have it on occasion, but I don’t recall ever pressing acquisition depress for area track, so I’m not sure how I got into it.

Ok, im getting better… now where is that DAMN ALARM!!!

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What drop mode are you using? Auto or CCIP?

I don’t think it really matters, apart from the TGP having an easier time in straight and level flight?

I usually set everything up for auto as you can easily switch to CDIP via HOTAS if needed.