Razbam have another interesting project on their books

I can feel a fuel emergency coming on! :grin:



I only hope they deliver on all their projects… :pray:


I’m sure they will, but the timeline might be longer than we would like. I really like the M2000C, Harrier and MiG 19…so I will give them the benefit of the doubt.


Well, to be fair, two weeks™ after announcement is longer than we would like… :wink:
I have no reason to doubt them, but they are building an impressive lineup of modules.

I love the Harrier. And the M2000C is great too. Was looking forward to the 15E but I believe it’s backseat is mp only so might not be a day one purchase for me.

They do great work so far.

I’m gonna need that Victor Tanker to go with this beauty!!

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Probably a whole squadron of Victor’s :wink: .

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Hopefully it will still have guns in the nose but expect they will go for the one with pylons on the outer wings for AG stuff.

On the Lightning?

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See F.53

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I want those weird overwing fuel tanks / rocket pods they sold the Saudis.

Doesn’t that look delightfully bonkers? Oh yes it does :smiley:

Here’s everything you ever wanted to know about the lightning but were afraid to ask:



I guess as long as the extra pylons could be removed then I could live with that. I learned something today though as I had not heard of the Lightning being used in a ground attack role. Give me guns and a couple of Firestreaks or Red Top’s and I’ll be happy.


I just want to do that climb…you know the one…

Rotate…10 feet Level…accelerate. rotate and VANISH


Vanish noisily! :wink: … it’s going to be fun in VR, no doubt about it. :sunglasses:


Question I’ve got is where/how are they getting data for it? I was under the impression that the UK MoD had just about everything locked down tight.

Probably Cape town I imagine

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For those with amazon prime there is a TV show


The following is more of my mind just rambling on tan any specific comment or opinion…although it does pertain to the subject so no derailment…

Aerosoft did a Lightning for FSX (and I think XP now). IIRC either it or their F-14 caste with a Tu-95. (I have both). It was also TACPACK. So I set ups few intercepts north of Scotland. Great fun, however, like all good Aerosoft models, the jet’s systems were modeled with high accuracy…specifically the fuel consumption. If I had a nickel for every time I flamed out over the North Sea… :open_mouth:

Will I get this mod? :thinking: A good question. I love the Mirage 2000 and have tried to adopt the MiG-19 as the son I never had…which is weird because I have a son who I am very proud of…anyway…Razbam makes good DCS mods (they also used to make good FSX mods…just say’n).

But still, I don’t know. As you all know I am an unapologetic “realist” when it comes to DCS. I absolutely refuse to put the USN carrier in the Black Sea because it is a blatant violation of the Montreux Convention. (The fact that at one time in my career I had some words with a Admiral who just couldn’t understand that fact :open_mouth: may be a partial reason for my stand in DCS).

So a British Electric Lightning…where would we fly that? Caucasus Map? I wish they would throw in a couple of Turkish (NATO) airbases. The Lightning is fast and needs it space. Persian Gulf? Saudi Arabia purchased a few…that might be fun; definitely enough space. Normandy? Too small. Any altitude ad speed, you might blink and miss half the map. Nevada? Too early for Red Flag I think.

Hmmmm… :thinking:…I was hoping for an A-7 but this may do… :slightly_smiling_face:


For that I just imagine the Caucasus as being the Balkans and the Black Sea as the Adriatic Sea.

Kuwait and Saudi Arabia would fit the bill there.

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