I want NOW! :smiley::smiley:

Absolutely fantastic.


Fox 2? НЕТ! метать 1, метать 2!


not Pusk Raketi?


Translation I always heard for missile launches was directly to “range.” So “Range 1” would be the first launch, followed by “Range 2” for the second.


In DCS, when I fly the crane, my wingman tells me he’s Pusk Raketi when he takes a potshot iirc.




In DCS? pff I dunno, VVS I reckon.


:slight_smile: You know when this aircraft was announced I had little interest in it…But I’ve been sucked in by the great renders and slick screenshots and videos ,What a Sucker I am!!! :slight_smile: …one born every minute!! Lol…Waiting for this aircraft got me back into The Fishbed…WOW…I’ve totally under appreciated that masterpiece…especially in VR!!


Well, either way, they wouldn’t use NATO brevity codes! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I circled the settings I suspect are making my Russians speak Russian. :ru:



How is that RWR ? should this come even more stone age rwr than mig-21 ?


It is an even older plane, so… most likely, yes.


Nice, i mean i know that its old but was unsure if they include sirena rwr.


Yes, sirena RWR is included. You have an option in ME to use it or not. And set its volume - haven’t played with it yet, though. How does the one in MiG-21 work?


Very much enjoying the videos,Nice Work!!!


Mig has spo-10 , piip and boobs and shows general direction of radars. Wont show hard lock direction > bug , will be fixed anyhow someday.


I had some practice the last 2 days at taxi and takeoff w MiG 15 and 21. Fishbed is easier than the '15. I hope the 19 will be as the Fishbed. In the 15 I feel so awkward on the ground.


I have discovered the secret of taxiing the Mig-15 to the runway, start there to begin with

I need to go onto the DCS forum to see what is said about taxiing the darn thing. I get the concept; it is putting it into practice where I fail. :confused: