Yes of course. It’s all coming back to me now. I totally forgot about that. Damn I’m getting old.


He’s got quite a few articles between those sheets :slight_smile:


Ha! :thumbsup:


I think that MiG-21 stuff was actually a six or eight issue series of tutorials. Going through basic start, to navigation, weapons, etc… Fun stuff. I also did that for the A-10C and Ka-50. Probably should do it again for the Hornet and Tomcat. Writing those “series” articles is fantastic because it gives me months of reasons to dive in and learn the real details before presenting them to the readers. I only wish I could retain 50% of what I’ve researched. Heck, at this point, 20%…


Honestly my favorite part of writing for the magazine. I love scouring the world for fun and unique approaches.


You can tell! Your enthusiasm comes across very well in the articles. Love reading them and pancaking them afterwards myself Is always a giggle


I don’t suppose they have an online archive that would allow looking up those things in past issues?


They put Chris’ A10 articles together to make a very readable guide. I made a point of picking that one up. I’t’s a pity they didn’t do the same for the MiG21 articles.


So I picked up PC Pilot on digits. Wow, how I’ve missed it. Thank guys, for keeping me inspired.
Got to find Chis’s article on MiG-21.


Man, I’m floored by that (weathered does not do it justice) skin. Is that a glorious example of people’s hammering of aluminum sheet with hammer and hand? That incredible.

Cries for a proper Phantom adversary.


Not sure if it is exhaustive, but this seems to show all the issues from the past 10 years or so and an index of what is in them:



Ahem…those of us who have had a subscription for years, just go to the book shelf. :face_with_monocle:


MiG-21F-13 ?? :wink:


My bookshelves all filled up circa 2011 and the wife said no more shelves, so I’ve been getting largely digital editions of books or throwing the mags away after reading them.

Now I only get a rare book now and then that is not available digital. Ordered Gordon’s Flanker book for one, that should be here in a couple of weeks.



Is it wrong of me to admit that I’m looking forward to the 19 almost as much as the F14?


I want the original thickness of accent back :frowning: damn hoggit whiners. At least he still calls you comrade and called out the snitch lol. Snitches get stitches in the gulag.


I just watched the videos and I admit the plane looks very cool


If I may chime in here: MiG-19 is a BLAST to fly. And at this stage is practically feature complete. There are a few small bugs - but I report them as I build the training (finished first version of M6 today - radar) and RAZBAM is fixing them on the go. The only missing thing at this point is pilot’s body but I know it is being worked on.

It is going to be a great fun to fly!


I have been dying to get my hands on it. More so than anything else. I wake up looking for a release Every day.
That said, let me congratulate you on a job well done BD!!! The vids are informative and fun. Loved the snitches comment lol. I already made a start up checklist. Thank you for taking on this task Baltic Dragon!