I was thinking same thing…I forgot…Is it like that in The MiG-15?


The 15 and 17 were closely related, and the 19 and 21 are as well. I’d say odds are there will be many similarities in how the two operate, not counting radar stuff which was always the big change in every generation.


The 15 has the neutral position but I haven’t “explored” the possibility of no brakes on landing phenomenon if you leave the gear handle up for too long.


As for reducing the ground clutter, there is a special mode of operation where you can disable the search radar and use only the tracking one in gunnery mode. That way you can operate it between 1 000 - 2500 meters and it will give you targeting cues.

You have to remember to put the handle into neutral, though I noticed that if you use gear up and down keybinds for gear then it will move the handle back to neutral position automatically. But if you click on the handle then it will stay. Not sure about hyd pressure, but I do know that if you forget to put the handle lock after landing and then accidentaly put the gear up, there is enough fluid to retract it and out you belly-on-the-ground. That was one of the first things I’ve tested :smiley:



Does it come with the Soviet Anthem???

When will it release. Want it NOW! :sunglasses:


I think it’s pretty easy to find and convert to .wav or even find as such. You can just add a trigger to your mission that does a “DO PLAY SOUND” and presto, soviet anthem :cccp: as soon as the filthy capitalist hits the ground.


That I will do Comrade! :sunglasses:


MiG day tomorrow?


Two weeks, be sure


Dear all,

After an extensive review of the MiG-19, we have decided to postpone its release until a few items are resolved. It’s RAZBAM’s desire to release the MiG-19 in a finished state so it will need just a little more time in the oven to meet this expectation.

The Eagle Dynamics Team



I’ve been @#$%ing RAZBAMed again! :angry:


lol not to be insensitive, but kind of amusing.

With hype dance in full swing, they just yanked that rug right outta there.

“Little more time in the oven” is ominous sounding…


I’m so pissed!!! Teased to death and now this? I want to forget this ever happened to me.


Have you guys considered small doses of your favorite beer to unwind a little :wink:


Nah, we just play evil capitalist to mix things up.


I think the way RAZBAM conducted it’s hype campaign is totally irresponsible. I don’t need no ones support on that statement. That’s my opinion. They released it to the Youtubers and made us believe release was imminent. It’s a slap to the face, if you ask me.


They are damned if the do (release it now when it isn’t ready) and damned if they don’t. Nobody has shelled out any money to pre-buy the MiG19, so I say they should release it when they are ready.

Most of us here bought into the F14 back in October. There has been considerable hype and excitement since then and I haven’t seen anyone here complaining about the wait.


I’d rather spend my dollars in a polished product than an early access - I’m sure the developers are just as keen to get this MiG out from the hangar and into the skies as we are :slightly_smiling_face: