Don’t you think RAZBAM themselves thought that release was imminent…?
This is a much bigger setback for them, than for us.
Stuff happens. A module release date was postponed. It didn’t even register on my cardiogram… :slight_smile:


Maybe I’m going off the deepend… but still i think it was bad PR.
BTW I spend more time in the '15 and '21 than in anything else.


Why is it irresponsible? Nobody got hurt. Nobodies wallet is affected (except razbam’s)
They had a release date in mind. Gave the product to outside testers, discovered it lacking and have moved the release back to correct faults?
Am I the crazy person for thinking in this horrible day and age of half Finished broken promises by developers that razbam wanting to release a completely finished and completely quality product should be commended! Would people rather spend £40-60 on a broken toy? Am I missing something or has the world gone mad.

So everyone’s logic is now don’t hype your product until its for sale. Don’t advertise your upcoming work and never ever tell us a release date because it might be pushed back? Dont make any money because nobody has heard of your product and don’t for the love of god make anything else with the profits…

I give up with humans.


It has. And everybody in it. Didn’t you get the memo?

No MiG, eh it’s a luxury product. I can live without it for a few more days/weeks. Whatevs. I’ll just blast the Riders’ March some more while doing glorious things in the MiG-15 and dreaming of going supersonic with those blyat-blyat-blyat-guns.


While a high-subsonic MiG-17 would be nice at some point, I’m glad that we’re getting an early supersonic craft first - it’s a niche yet to be offered in DCS so that’s a bit exciting.


You have to thank all the people that does not understand what early access is, and complain about every rivet wrong or missing…on ed forums i read people complaining about some hornet bugs that appeared in some open beta versions…why these people don’t stick with the stable version and stay away from early access modules is out of my comprehension ability.


I saw the videos and was happy with what I saw. I dont complain that the Harrier is missing this or that. Fully understood early access.
I reserve the right to be upset over the delay.
And I reserve the right to jump on the Bronco Hype wagon that’s beginning now.


You have full right to do that :slight_smile:


I like the shift in RAZBAM strategy to deliver finished products and I am happy to wait until it passes quality control.


***"Dear all,

After an extensive review of the MiG-19, we have decided to postpone its release until a few items are resolved. It’s RAZBAM’s desire to release the MiG-19 in a finished state so it will need just a little more time in the oven to meet this expectation.

The Eagle Dynamics Team***

It sounds to me it was ED’s decision not to release The Mig because it didn’t meet Their requirements of a “Finished Module” either way,I’ll enjoy it when released.


have some light reading material while you wait on glory of supersonic blyat-blyat guns.



Exactly! Which is why I said…

I have had a love-hate relationship with RAZBAM for years regarding their FSX offerings. These are some of the absolute best military aircraft for FSX, but usually with at least one glaring fault.

Their A-7 series: I have all 3 Volumes. Flying it is great! A2G and A2A munitions before TACPACK! The glaring “fault” no engine start procedure, just Ctrl-E. OK but really, they couldn’t have added Battery On, Engine Start like ED did with the FC3 jets?


Their Harrier Series - GR7/9 and AV-8B: Fantastic flight model. Nailed the Vertical to normal to vertical flight. Great job on the avionics and systems except…the HSI is badly broken…jumps to next waypoint waaaayyyy before it should…and then the next waypoint again…no way to manually correct (what?!)…essentially useless. I put in a trouble ticket on this. When I put in a trouble ticket I do my homework, I test and test, I provide details, lots of details (which is how I became FSWidgets Lead Beta Tester!). I was ignored. This was just before they dropped everything FSX (including support) for DCS… go figure.

So yes, I think there was something about the Mig-19 that was not up to ED’s standards and ED said “Do Not Pass Go.” as it were.

That was 18 days ago (if I am reading the forum metadata correctly). I do not doubt Baltic Dragon’s sincerity at all, and he did caveat his statement with “nearly”…however, I do not believe that everyone at RAZBAM was unaware of the “few items” that ED wants resolved before release. I’m with @Maico on this one. This was IMO, hyped beyond the pale. Irresponsible? As others have posted, the only thing hurt was some feelings (including mine) so “irresponsible” is likely a bit much…probably.

Absolutely! As well it should be.

I offer a heartfelt Thank You to the ED Team for covering our six on this! If not for them, I would have shelled out some of my fixed retirement income only to be disappointed in some way, again by RAZBAM…above A-7 and Harrier paragraphs germane.

I sign off this thread now…bitter but at least not poorer…remembering the the old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” :neutral_face:


Here’s some hype to get your trains going again guys, because that MiG is yummy :blush: :cccp:


She’s got her sickle, and I’ve got my hammer :kissing_heart: …Oops…was that my out loud voice? :open_mouth:


Guys, trust me, this module is really pretty much complete. As for the release date postponement I cannot comment on the details, but my point of view is that it is better to wait another week or two (don’t read it literally) and get an even better product. People were moaning a lot about Razbam releasing unfinished modules, so the news that the decision was made to take some extra time and polish certain things should be welcome.

I don’t mind as I will manage to have all 10 training missions done on the release (instead of 7 I managed to finish so far). Plus perhaps some single and multi-player ones with VOs :slight_smile:


Is that Mother Russia?
In that case I’d love to plow that steppe…


Just fix harrier… :stuck_out_tongue:

Bit too much take money and leave it to backburner


I’m sure you are right…and I’m also sure that I’m going to wait on this one.


Honestly, if people do complain about the long E/A pre-buy periods, they get heckled about being patient or whatever else comes to mind. So most just remain quiet about it. I think months of pre-buy is too long. Open it 30 days prior and let it run. Buy then or not, but dont drag it out.

I see Maico’s point about hyping up for a January release, then pulling that back. He’s just voicing his frustration in a place where we still can.


nope, this is: