Urrrraaaaaah!!! :cccp: :champagne:

V Pobeda!


Just in time for me to go on the road for a few days… that figures :wink: .


Yea…I leave Saturday myself,Would of been much worse if it was TomCat Release Day though,IMHO.


I’m working Friday night and the rest of the weekend at night. This grown up stuff really sux! LoL
On the plus side, its finnally going to be out. I like how they gave us a date.


MOG!! Not now! I have to work…no wait…that’s not right, I’m retired…oh yeah…now I remember.

Not Now! I just got XP11 and wanted to play around with that for a while! Why oh why does it have to be now??!! :confounded:

(yeah…I’m thinking not so much sympathy from this crowd.)


Didnt see it here so here it is



You Da Man! Thanks. Some reading for my night shift…


R E L E A S E D ! ! !


Looking forward to seeing how the reception is on this one. Seems like a cool jet. Definitely priced right, but I think I’ll wait to get it for $25 in a summer sale or winter sale. Just too many other planes to fly for me right now. And the hornet updates make it feel like a new module every month or so.


From those of us that ARE still at work - GET FLYING!

People need screenshots to get through their day!


There ya go.


Thanks @Chuck_Owl, I really hope you like this module as much as I want to like it.
Last of the Gunfighters USSR Style!!!


Oh its great. I had to cut my flying short (kids) but it looks and feels very nice.

I do have a slight problem getting the HOTAS bindings right. I set up a bunch, then when I went back in to set some more, it refused all input. Weird. Might very well be on my end.


The more I fly this bird the more I want to start writing a review on it :slight_smile:


Uh…after seeing these I have to go change my pants…

EDIT: What? I got excited, flailed my arms and spilled my coffee on myself! What were you thinking? :roll_eyes:


Awesome. Downloading now… I have to hit the road in 1 hour. Maybe I’ll get a quick flight in first though :wink: . I have to ask myself, why am I more excited about this than the fact that I will be flying a real jet later today? My priorities are obviously skewed. :thinking:

Oh! I almost forgot to mention that I was able to use some ‘bonus bucks’ on the purchase ($8), so it brought the price down to $41.99. :sunglasses:


You can use your “Bonus” Points on this one!! FYI


Just saw that. $35 may do it for me.


I waited all day. I’m on night shift. Of course released soon as I got to work tonight. My Girlfriend downloaded it for me. She cooks too. I’m keeping her away from you guys! :grin:
Oh and I got her for 38 bucks. The MiG of course…