The one day I do some work…similar to @Maico, I called my wife to “finish the deal”.

WooHoo! :hugs:

Actually, this presents an interesting opportunity. @Chuck_Owl has already brought up the idea of a review. We all know how well Chuck writes, so that is a fantastic idea.

That said, the opportunity here is that we have all purchased this plane on the same day, so we will all have some initial observations over the next few days…the next week or two.

If Chuck is onboard, I’d be willing to take all your views and impressions- Good and Other-organize them into something cogent and forward them on to be wrapped up into a …a “GroupReview”.… probably pronounced “grouper - view”.



Sounds like a smashing idea.


Chucks on board! :grin:

To keep things simple, PM me your impressions, discoveries, what you like, what you don’t, etc. I’ll wrap everything together and forward to Chuck!


I just had time to sit in the cockpit in VR before leaving on a trip. It looks great!
I guess I will have to make do with reading the manual until I get back. Keep posting the screenshots and observations guys!


RTFM Like you never did before… just kidding. Sorry about your luck. It will be so much sweeter when you get home. I’m on the Razbam YouTube channel watching all the Baltic Dragons videos.
My Girlfriend…" I dont know if it’s done but theres a MiG-19p icon on the sceen"
Me Thanks Love!


She’s a keeper dude! Do not let her go!


Yeah, $35 for me as well. That’s a pretty good deal for a new module.


It does look good, have some bonus points … this is going to be hard to resist.


That reminds me that I also have some bonus points I think…
So maybe…


Dangit guys. Bought too, especially after seeing that bonus points could be applied to it. I’m looking forward to flying her… sometime.


I already made two seperate bug reports. It is nice, but not perfect!


Nice problem to have now in this community, huh? I remember when for the longest time we only had two planes to fly in the DCS version way, way back. F-15 and Su-27. Now I too have no time for everything. Can’t study anymore in the study sim. :wink:


Those screens are fantastic Chuck.

We need more Farmer screenshots! :slight_smile:


Think I might pick this up in…um…9 days. The temptation to play it would be too great and I have some magazine deadlines I’m supposed to be working towards. :thinking:


You have about 8 days before the magazine panic though. :wink:


The pit is just groovy.

It’s a deep pit, so you cant readily look down. You do get a good view on the upper hemisphere. Looking back at the tail is quite doable, with an unrestricted view over the shoulder.

It’s also a small pit, at least compared to the other machines I have flown lately (the A-10C, the Hornet and the Mirage) with no need for VR zoom because everything is so close to you.

Forward view is meh, lots of clutter. There’s a big ol’ chunk of yesterdays’ high tech hanging off the canopy bow right in your face. Not ideal, but the MiG-23 is going to be far worse in that respect I read :wink:

It’s also a fairly dark pit, but the two panel lights work nice, and you can use a cursor flashlight.

I foresee getting quite at home in this little pit. It works just fine in VR, and it’s not quite as simple systems-wise as the MiG-15.

This jet also is hot as heck. It wants to go fast. Taking off it just leaps off the ground, you need to restrain both it and yourself a bit to keep from striking the tail. Landing it took all kinds of careful coaxing it to the ground, tho it’s not as finnicky to land as the MiG-21 is.

God, I just can’t believe we now have 3, not one, not two but three full detail MiGs. What a time to be alive.


It’s scary how true that sentence is.


OK… MiG-19 purchased. Hmm…sitting there waiting for me to update DCS World. I really should. Really. Just in case the internet goes out next week or something. You know.


haHA! mission accomplished :smiley: baby needs new shoes :flat_shoe:


Just to be safe…I mean, it’s the responsible thing to do…