Now of course that installation needs to be verified. And the only way to do that is to take a free flight in the MiG-19. Yes. Certainly. Only way to be sure.


I went ahead and bought it for $35. The flight model seems highly suspect already. Very much feels like the A4 mod. They said the FM is wip, so hope it gets addressed soon.

Granted it could be accurate, but it feels eerily similar to the A4 mod. Open the instant action freeflight, pull the stick all the way back, and light the burners. It will hang at 26-27 AoA all day and not stall. Just doesnt seem right to me.



@near_blind to the rescue again, the stall behavior is borked and soontm to be fixed. Carry on comrades.


My MiG-19 looks an awful lot like a Leonardo Maddog… :thinking:



Uh oh… falling in the Maddog hellscape are you?

I know the feeling…


I just learned that the module I purchased a few hours ago is only available via Open Beta DCS World. I have rarely been as furious as I am right now. I read things pretty carefully. Perhaps I missed it…but somehow I doubt that little, critical tidbit was all that well published.

I could go off on a tirade against ED and the horse they done in on, or I could channel all that anger into something positive and load the Open Beta version. Given that I am an hemorrhagic stroke survivor (80% fatal), and I really do not want to go through that again (or worse), I think I’ll take the latter course of action and keep my BP within sustainable limits.

I do this under protest since the OpenBeta is nothing of the sort.

Here is why

My bonafides:
Master’s Degree in Information Systems. Conducted Beta Testing under properly controlled conditions for a commercial flight sim product. Lead Beta Testing efforts for a flightsim app company based in Australia (We are starting on a new app for XP11 this weekend!). I know Beta Testing from the academic and practical sides.

As the name indicates, Beta Testing comes after Alpha Testing. Alpha Testing is a regimented series of tests, that are designed to test every normal function of an application. Thorough Alpha Testing takes a long time. The entire DCS World application should be going through Alpha Testing before any new version is released for Beta Testing. Every function on every menu, every switch, lever and dial in every aircraft cockpit, every action in the ME and Campaign Editor…everything. That would probably take a month or more. It would certainly take much longer than the weekly or so releases of new Open Beta versions. Moreover, an error in the normal function of switching between kneeboard pages would have been caught by Alpha Testing, had it been done. It wasn’t as evident the error in the Viggen kneeboard, which made kt through the One Beta into the allegedly Stable Version. Alpha Testing is obviously not being done, therefore, by definition, Beta Testing cannot be done. Open Beta is not Beta Testing.

I guess the name “Not really a Beta but we wanted you to find bugs, Version” was already taken…or perhaps marketing thought it wouldn’t resonate with the target demographics…regardless…we are stuck with the Open Beta monicker…so be it.

I guess I had better get started…those torrents aren’t going to download themselves.

ED: I am so smitten with the Beast (if we are calling the Hornet the Bug, we should call this the Beast) that I had to go back and edit my more snarky comments. I’m still not sanguine on the whole Open Beta, but who cares when I can fly the Beast!




before you wholesale download the open beta version, there is a way to convert your existing install to “beta” mode and vice versa without having two installs


@Hangar200 As gunny said.

Download —THIS —.

And you can easily switch between the open beta and release any time you want. It wont download the whole game, it only grabs what you need. I use it all the time its excellent (thanks @SkateZilla) .

I even use it to check for updates to the game. So you need only one install and can switch from release to open beta any time you want.


Thanks @Bogusheadbox and @Gunnyhighway…I’ll try it now. :smiley:


Yep…it’s the only utility I use to keep my DCS open beta up to date…and that is my only install now. I don’t bother with the stable release or whatever it is called. I feel like we get enough hot fixes if things get too borked on the open beta to justify it. Just wait a couple of days after each release before updating and let all the other people shake out the problems and give ED time to respond.


Just had an hour in the beast. My first impression was that the pit was too dark for VR. However, I turned up Gamma to 2.0 and it got really nice. Cosy and a real work of art. You’ll still be using the flashlight to get around the pit. OMG! What a Hot rod. It’s really good. Can’t wait to fight in it. Hello new Toy!!
Worth every penny!


Does it have some good A2G capabilities or is it mainly a fighter?


It’s got a little more than the '15 (rockets x16) but it’s got some great guns and an old radio for nav. I like that… dont know if it’s your cup of tea. Too agile a bird.


I here by claim First Blood in the Mig-19.

An imperialist Air Pirate KC-135 that strayed into Soviet at approximately 0110 hours this morning was shot down by a Soviet Air Force Mig-19 piloted by Hangarw00-ski.

Cue Soviet national anthem.

…and to answer @BeachAV8R’s question, yes, fairly good A2G with rockets and bombs …plus I blew something up with the guns while doing a bit of staffing. It has 4 types of gun ammo including what appears to be AP rounds.

EDIT: The screen shots
Guns, Guns, Guns…

…an uncommanded roll…

Splash the bogey!

And so Comrade, another bunch of American sky pirates meet a watery grave! :cccp:


Interesting article on flying the Mig-19 from an interview of a Pakistani pilot.




I was the night shift QA lead for Acclaim Entertainments Austin branch, so gaming QA was my paying job for a few years. I always chuckle everytime I see “open beta” or something similar, for many of the reasons you have listed.


ach its just a term. Whatevs.

One is version A, the other version B. And once A is found to be OK, it becomes B. I like that. Sure it doesn’t fit some defined model of software development, but it works and its fairly fast. Cool beans.

I am quite happy they don’t have three very disparate branches anymore.