I just look at the mountains and the lakes, i am way too stupid to do it with clever radio gadgets.


@Hangar200, thanks for the tip on the nav presets. I will look for the envelope icon.
@Gunnyhighway, this is why I’m not flying the Bug. It does everything for you. It probably can bake you chocolate chip cookies.


@Gunnyhighway! Don’t answer that! The Hornet EZ-Bake Oven installation for cookie making is still classified!!! :scream:


Why? Harrier’s got one. It occupies the place where they were going to put the MPCD but decided that attack pilots deserved cookies after a grueling mission.


sigh… well I guess :cat2: :no_entry_sign::shopping:


MiG-19 had a vodka dispenser in the cockpit, I don’t know why you’re upset.


Harrier is limited to chocolate chip I think you’ll find. Bug has double choc chip hence classifed…


Not going to argue here. I’ve been flying with a PS4 controller since my hotas went nuts, and havent really missed a beat. Stupid easy to fly. Don’t even miss the rudder axis except for taxi.




BLASPHEMY!!! JUST KIDDING. You do what you need to do until you get patched up. DCS is too good right now to take days off
I think the Fishbed has a Gin dispenser, or is that the radar coolant… Hard to say after a sip or five…


Hehehe, the famous “plane vodka”. The stories as told by Viktor Belenko (among others) sure are intriguing. :smiley:


Yeah…it’s not mentioned in the Nav tutorial. I think its some sort of you cannot use one if the other is selected…and vice versa…although it does make sense…in a kind of Communist control minded mentality.

Regardless, I first use the two presets. If/when I need a third or more, I just use the Far knob (?…the right wall knob) and set the mode to Loop.

Still trying to wrap my head around the tuning knob…it sees to work best with click and hold to move it…I try to swing it back and forth over the desired freq and try to “catch” the needle when it pegs right.

Semi-related…I had one of those RTFM issues yesterday when I was practicing some rocket and gun strafing runs near the end of a runway. All of a sudden an Alarm Bell goes off and I get a light on the front panel…I pull back on power, level the windgs and start to look at my gauges to see what is going on…the light goes out and the alarm bell stops…that was weird…maybe some temperature overheat and when I pulled back (Rinnnggggg; Panel light)…what the??!!…there it is again…checking Hydraulics (good), checking fuel (good), no fire…it stopped again…what’s going on here?

It was the inner and outer markers for the runway I was near - page 25 explains all…in my defense, the cockpit is in Russian…lame but that’s what I’m going with. :roll_eyes:

EDIT: Forget all of the above…except the semi-related part. The manual doesn’t match the sim and I’m really not sure how the preset works, although I think it works as I described but…maybe not. The good news is that with a little trail and error you can get it all working.


@Hangar200 ,
OMG! You cant make this up. That’s hilarious!!! Sounds like something I would do.
Today had some bliss w the Farmer. Thanks again for the tip… But is a little house not an envelope. Dont worry, I’m visually challenged myself :nerd_face:.
So I can set a preset to far and to near. I set them in the ME then flip the Switch from Near to Far to select between them. The knob on the left is pretty much useless to me and i cant understand what it does. I thinks you and I should get together and figure this out. Then we can talk about how Fabulous the 80s were.
Lots of stuff in special tab and ME. You remove that hideous camera in the cockpit yet? It improves visibility by a lot.


Haha, lots of confusion with the ARK-5P. To make it work:

Set the FAR or NEAR beacon switch to position you want. Now I don’t remember which one is which, but if you set it towards you then you use the freq knob on the right wall, it it is pushed towards the nose - the left wall.

Once you set it, move the mode selector knob on the ARK-5 to ANT mode (third: OFF, COMP, ANT). Now use the frequency knob to select the correct range. Once you do, fine tune to required freq using the crank below and observe the signal needle. Once you hit the sweet spot, turn the mode selector knob to COMP and you’re set.

The ME presets just set up what range will be selected at mission start, you can tune everything from inside the pit.


Well…that does make a lot more sense…I thought it was an open envelope…like there are special things inside and…yeah…sometimes I over think stuff. :dizzy_face:

…and that’s kind of the whole issue :rofl: If @Baltic_Dragon doesn’t remember, there is no way that @Hangar200 is going to remember! :rofl::rofl::rofl: We need a nemonic…

The switch pulled back is NEAR so “Nearer to you heart.” And that selects the RH dial so, in keeping with the whole “heart” theme, when you are having a Heart Attack…no that’s your left arm that tingles…:open_mouth:

Let’s try this. If you pus the switch Away from you it is Far - so “Far and Away” like the movie with Tom Cruise and Nichole Kidman where the emigrated from Ireland which is on the “Left Hand” side of Great Britain (looking at it with North pointed up) …a little to convoluted :thinking:

Or just maybe remember that it is a Communist produced aircraft and politically the Communists can be considered “Far Left”, so press to get the switch Far away from you and use the dial that is Far Left. :cccp:

That’s about the best I can do.:roll_eyes:


Thank you for joining in. Not sure how the presets work in the sim.
Here is my understanding, Homing Sw back.
Set RH panel Range selector, Tune in a freq.
Change to Comp. That’s one preset.
Homing Sw fwd. Select Freq Range on LEFT Wall. Set the frequency. Now you can alternate between them using the Homing Switch. Where is the third preset?
I like the idea of presets. This Aircraft is too fast to spend time heads down in the pit.
BTW I learned more about navigation in this module than ever before.


Thanks @Hangar200!! Now I remembered which one is which!!

So, the best way to memorise the whole thing is to bear in mind that the switches are not named in relation to you, because they are normally used for IMC approach to the airport. So the NEAR and FAR is in relation to the runway looking at it from the arriving aircraft’s perspective. Which means the NEAR position will be closer to the airfield, so towards the nose of the aircraft and away from you. Conversely, FAR is further away from the runway, so pointing towards you. Easy.

Then if you want to remember which position governs which knob, there is also an easy way. This is a Soviet aircraft, so things are done opposite to what you would expect. If you look at the switch, you could also say that if it is in the FAR position (towards the pilot) then it is switched left. In NEAR position (towards the nose) it is switched to the right. You’d expect that you should use the corresponding knobs to control the presets, but… wrong. If it is to the left (FAR) you use the RIGHT knob. If it is to the right (NEAR) you use the left one.

As for the functioning, it is as @Maico describes. I think the presets are simplification that you can turn off in the advanced options tab in ME. There is no third preset, it is a leftover from the wrong implementation of the ARK-5P system that was in place before, I need to remind Larry to update the kneeboard.

Hope this helps!


Thank You for taking the time to explain this in simple terms. Not that I know what I am looking for, I am much better off. Two presets and not 3. Left Forward and Right is Back (They are labeled!) .
Its been an absolute pleasure watching your videos. Thanks for you great contributions.



Maybe someone smarter can get it to work. But as far as I am concerned, it does not work with presets. I can only get it to tune to one station on the ARK-5P panel. This works in FAR. When I go to Near, I get another station but it sure is not the station I am trying to Preset. I just spent two hours listening to morse code. Grrrr!
I think I will wait until they program a key to move the crank.


If they have a meme of the sun breaking through the clouds and a choir of angels singing, I would put it here! Will have to settle for this. :angel::musical_note:

Now I get it! Thanks! :grin::grin::grin: