The ones with the missiles tipped with nuclear warheads wins. No contest.


So, the F-106?


Nah, the only way to win is not to play. They can’t shoot you if you are not flying! :wink:


From what I’ve read, the -19 was a nightmare to fly and the Russian Air Force was all too eager to make it an export sale aircraft.


I once sold a MG Midget with a badly rusted chassis to someone I didn’t like. Was it like that? :slight_smile:


Ask these guys how they liked the MiG-19.



With 3 30mm and speed like the devil… I doubt it was too bad. Maybe landing and takeoff is no picnic with that wing, but neither is the '21.
I’m All IN with this one. Cant wait. Day One preorder for me.


Oh great, another Russian bird for me to smear all over the runway and taxiways every time I try and land.


The 21 is the only jet in DCSW that intimidates me on landing. Most of the time it goes well, but I have to be 100% concentrated, and I abort landings much more often than in any other plane.
It flies really differently and it feels great.

So even though I am not too interested in the MiG-19: If it is similar to the 21 concerning quirks and so, I will give it a try!


From what I understand, the type suffered from poor cockpit pressurization, the wing tanks would spontaneously leak and burst into flame, and because there was no two-seater version in Soviet service, the type was very slow to convert to.

Now, the pilots loved the speed, but it was often considered a death trap and when the -21 came into service, the Soviets unloaded most, if not all, of their Farmers to Third World customers. The -21 may not have had the cockpit visibility of the -19, but it was much safer to fly.


Reminds me of the F-104…


It’s very reminiscent of the F-104.


Except the F-104 never shot down my F-16 in under 30 seconds, repeatedly, with zero effort, in Falcon.

Falcon: it made you believe Russia was stupid to build the MiG-29 and Su-27 when it could’ve just kept building MiG-19s and dominated the world.


heh, one of my fondest falcon memories is a fight against two MiG-21s, a MiG-23, and a scarlet red MiG-19. I’d foolishly ingressed over a motor-rifle division and gotten the stuff shot out of me, had a FLCS fault and a degraded engine. After five minutes I managed to get the 19 and the 21 before all survivors mutually agreed to go our separate ways.


Yeah. Falcon had some weird moments to it, including North Korean pilots who had been flying the -19 for so long, they could kill anything in it.



I <3 the MiG-15 and the MiG-21 so I’m buying this one sight unseen on the day they’ll take my money for it.


except that this one has actual wings, not mudguards with a delusion of grandeur.


Me Likes! :slight_smile:


Patiently awaiting preorder