If you know guys, that plane should be released ready or in early access status?
I’m not a great fan of this bird, but it have his charm, and definetly I hope which push more vietnam era planes and, why not, maps.


a good question. Razbam has been releasing a new plane about once a year now (first the Mirage, and then the Harrier), so they clearly have some development ‘horsepower’ and are the most prolific third party dev to date, if you don’t count BST (which is now essentially ‘part’ of ED, as far as the platform is concerned). TO that end, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a new Raz bird in the spring of 2019. Question is which bird; they are also working on the Mirage III, A-29 Super Tucano, Mig 19, and F-15E. The latter is likely much further over the horizion, but they’ve talked a lot about the Tucano over the past few months.

My personal first choice would be the A-29, as it would be neat to see a TP in DCS, and a modern one at that. Still, I could see myself picking up anything on their current road map.


I’m pumped for the A-29 but I’m pretty sure it’s quite a ways off. I believe the F-15E is closer to being done than anything else they’ve got at this point, if art assets and rumors are any indication.

Will deffo get the MiG-19 since MiG-21 is still Starforce’d and I need my OPFOR jet fix. Su-33 doesn’t really cut it.




It would be great if that one is in the pipe before 19

But I hope that 19 will be next Razbam release.


I go to bed at night and end my prayers with “And God, please give us a MiG-17F for DCS, Amen”


The farmer is just as fun, if not more. But in time a Fresco would be nice too yeah. I’d also like more versions of the Flogger.
In my opinion the 60s to 90s is the golden age of aviation, before everything became digital and the soviets still were the Big Bad.


Yeah to he’ll with fly by wire!


" Search and Tracking antennas are both working. The tracking antenna has locked onto the bomber and feeding range info to the gunsight."


Hmm, the pictures don’t show for me :frowning:


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Almost October and still no MiG… I’m really hoping its here soon.

Thanks for sharing guys.


Judging by the most recent shots of the Farmer, I would estimate a late December release at the earliest.


Radar Scope nearly complete.


Night Intercept



Phantom, Im not seeing the night intercept link…

Thanks for the update.


Sorry,It’s the same as posted above.


Cool. Thank You! I’m excited. Last of the Soviet Gunfighters.


From Hoggit
" Mini update…

The landing gear brake system uses compressed air. The system is fed from two 10 liter bottles and has a total pressure of 150 Kg/cm2.There is a caveat with the landing gear brakes. Every time you use them, you are consuming air. When you press the brake pedals, the brake pads valves are opened and air from the main system enters and activates them. But, when you release the brakes pedals, the valves close and the air in the brake cylinders is released to the atmosphere, so you lose the equivalent of 1.5 to 2.0 Kg/cm2 of pressure EVERY TIME you use the landing gear brakes.
All pilots will have to manage the air supply because it can only be replenished by the ground crew.

The pneumatic system is also used for arming the cannons, winshield de-icin and activating/jettisoning the brake parachute.