RAZBAM Mig-23 Canceled

I think that’s his SECOND favourite

You wish. I think he rates them according to how much integrity they could hold in the air… snicker

Ohhhhhhhhhhh like that is it. Here let me stick your plane in the f111’s bomb-bay

PLEASE NO! You 'dwaark is going to fall apart and my plane will crash too!

But both pilots will escape in our survival capsule.

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Snicker Of course they needed an escape capsule- with all the rest of the plane at risk of falling apart.
Luckily in the Intruder the structural integrity allow for simple Ejection seats-

I think you are missing the point that the intruder wasn’t any more structurally sound… its just that it never was subjected to warp factor 10 speeds on the deck baby YEAH.

Just to add. Your little plane has a hook to land on aircraft carriers. The Vaark has a hook to catch aircraft carriers and fly them back to its nest for lunch… nom nom nom

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Sips coffee
And then you woke up, right?

I see everyone has been weird again when I was asleep!

So on that note. I DEMAND A LIGHTNING!

Especially because it pisses of @near_blind, the weird starfighter-botherer that he is!



now let the grown ups talk about SERIOUS stuff! :smiley:
So-- about that Intruder…

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There was enough lighting in the viggen trailers. So that part should be satisfied. I also think naval aviation fans have enough on their hands with the Tomcat and the hornet, it’s time ED reboots these projects :stuck_out_tongue:


Or… OR…


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Oh yeah a SU 24 is ok too… after the A-6

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Come on, who has even heard about the A-6?

If ED had a dollar everytime someone opened a thread asking for a viper they’d had the complete funding for development :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I still wish this wasn’t a joke (brought back up by the amount of X-Wing love going on around here lately), let’s get if for real :stuck_out_tongue:


Now I am just getting mad…



after the…


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