RAZBAM projects in the works

Lots of big announcements lately for RAZBAM. Personally, I feel like they do a great job. The Mirage and Harrier are great. Seems like they may have more things in the works than ED does at the moment:

AV8B in EA
Super Tucano
DCS: South Atlantic
new ships
Mirage upgrade?
maybe something else i missed?

I’m all for it. Belsimtek and RAZBAM are the best developers IMO. Seems like DCS is picking up some good momentum in the recent months.

It concerns me that they have so much on their plate. It’d be great to get a clarification if they’ve expanded their team in recent months, as well.

I am having a lot of fun with the Harrier and it’s nice to see the Mirage getting love, but still this seems like work overload. I’d HOPE they’ve expanded, especially when they apparently did so for the MiG-19.


Remember that RAZBAM & ED are working together on the F-15E and probably on a few more modules that are listed here.

RAZBAM consists of 8 members, 2 people per project would already cover 4 modules while working together with ED.


Link? If ED is doing the heavy systems lifting, then that changes the situation.


I wasn’t trying to insinuate that they were in over their head or anything, really just pointing out that they have been very active.

They actually have more than 8 guys, they posted a breakdown on facebook.

IIRC it was 8 3d guys, 2 coders, a gang of testers etc.

EDIT: found the facebook post

There is more…
But before i continue, allow me to clear some things up:
RAZBAM Simulations currently embodies a team of
8 (eight) 3d developers working in different projects
2 software engineers (coders) with more about to come aboard
A mission/campaign developer
A texture artist for each livery.
Many different supporters (being these beta testers, information, etc).

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They also just hired/fired a guy, so its pretty obvious they are expanding the team.

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And it shows. Their 3D art is solid. Their AFM guy seems to know enough of his stuff, but the bottleneck seems to be the actual implementation of avionics. If we’re looking at the Harrier at +7.75 Months, major portions of the autopilot, INS, Radios, DMT, TPOD, Stores, and Engine functionality are incomplete, incorrect, or simply not there. It’s early access, there’s no point getting too upset about any of this, but I would have hoped by July one could enter a waypoint and have a properly working ASL.

I don’t think Razbam is wrong to embark on this, I don’t think they’re wrong to embark on this much, I just worry they’re going to get eaten alive for advertising it.

EDIT: Except the Falklands, that’s still dumber than pet rocks.


I agree 100%. I think the guy they just hired/fired was a coder (assumption), so it would appear they also feel the same way. I also understand that these projects progress in different phases with different people working on them, but you are definitely right about the bottleneck.

Great texture artists are not easy to find, but great coders are stupid hard to find. Their current coders are talented, but that 8:2 ratio kinda worries me.


I’ve been thinking the exact same thing since Gunny posted that breakdown.

Now THAT gives me confidence. My concerns have been laid to rest, in such case.

If it makes you feel any better, RAZBAM said they are not releasing the MiG19 in “early access”, just a complete module. Surely it will require some bug fixing, but I take that as a feature complete release. Their road map is posted on ED forums. Finished Harrier and complete MiG 19 release this year.

Hello gents, it’s time to update our current roadmap
As most if not all 3d work in the Harrier is done (Tarawa needs more detailing) and M2000C is being updated/enhanced, this is what’s on the table as for right now:
MiG-19, it’s coming at a good pace, this module will be released as a full product, no beta or early access on this one, but it’s coming THIS YEAR.
F-15E Strike Eagle work re-started, new 3d mesh in most parts, can’t comment much on this one, but it’s at full steam currently.
A-29 Supertucano, it’s still under development, we hit a bump in the road with this one (3d dev had some personal issues) and we are a bit late on it, but work has been reinstated.
MiG-23, while you see some renders, it was decided that most will be made all over again, BUT development on this one will start once the MiG-19 is released.
As for the terrain development team/AI assets, they are working at full steam, this is a complete different team with different workflows and time frames, development is under way and expect news in a regular basis.
So what should be expected to be released this year from us?
MiG-19 for certain, but no MiG23
Finished Harrier
Enhanced/updated M2000C
probably an early access in either of the other modules


I… I’ll believe it when I see it.

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I think it’s a little optimistic to say no beta or early access. If anything, that tag is a CYA for the inevitable launch issues. If they launch it with ZERO issues, it would be a miracle and all would proclaim RAZBAM the gods of simming.

Referencing my handy pocket guide here: Valve Time - Valve Developer Community

So, we’ll get a MiG-19 sometime next Summer, Harrier to be finished Q3 2019, M2kC will be broken this year, then fixed next year, and we’ll get a pre-order of the Tucano. Got it. :wink:

Serious face back on: Good on them for self-imposing only a completed MiG-19 release.

I’m more commenting they’re forecasting an equal chance the A-29 or F-15E is out this year. Again, I’m not mad, I’m not making accusations, I am owed exactly nothing here. I am saying with the information I have now I simply don’t see that happening. Whenever they do release, I’m more than happy to buy either of the MiGs and the Mudhen.

They have pretty decent models of the A-7 series from their FSX stuff. I’m curious why the don’t have one of those in the pipeline.

That is very likely, although I also think that a lot of the work is spread out over long term projects, recently they’ve been doing a lot of field research into the mirage 2000 and that project is far from dead if you follow their facebook. But those kind of things can’t always be done when they want to so it makes sense to have a lot of projects running in parallel. Although yes, making it known to the world perhaps is not the best idea.

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I think that this is not the case. Imo the released product means that it will be feature complete = completed 2D&3D work, all systems working, included training and single misions and maybe some campaign. There is no product without isues :slight_smile:

Anyway why dont you guys just lay back and njoy the Hornet while we are waiting for our Red Stars? :smiley: :wink: