Reshade in VR

No option in the UI I don’t think. They enable it for all in VR by default in config. The config file is located here (won an award for ‘Most Intuitive File Location 2020’ at the recent MSFT awards):


and is called


The value is in the GraphicsVR / PostProcess section and for the CAS is a simple on/off and is called ‘Sharpen’.

There are all sorts of goodies in there, but if it goes wrong then I didn’t send you ok? :slight_smile:

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This apparently works well in VR on

  • IL-2 BoX (as @chipwich already confirmed)

  • Assetto Corsa

  • Dirt rally 2.0

  • Elite Dangerous

  • Subnautica

  • Skyrim

  • Gorn

  • Onward, Moss, Beat Sabre (I regret doing a bullet list now, this is too long, you get the idea)…

It crashes on Alyx:VR though, but that looks great already.


It turns out it was already on :slight_smile:

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Thanks for

Yes it does! Amazing game!

Question, probably a dumb one, but does this work at all for Oculus users? (Rift-S)

I’m not sure but if using the Oculus SDK to play then I would guess not. Some games allow you to use either, so a Rift using SteamVR might work ok (the same way WMR through SteamVR does)? Skate’s DCS Update has a switch I believe to force SteamVR on Oculus, so it must just be a simple command line parameter he uses for that.

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Some fluff on the CAS bits. It works best when applied over the top of antialiasing, like TAA. I guess in VR it just works nicely if super sampling up, at least to make edges of small things ‘pop’ a bit.

The in-built screenshot action in VR works quite nicely as well. You can see the overlay in the 2D window rather than in the headset. If you expand the screenshot to original size you can see the sort of thing the shader is doing to help see objects on the ground etc.

There’s probably a cleverer way to do this, but a swipe or onion skin comparison of the shader off and then turned on, for the same paused scene.

Note: click on ‘Swipe’ or ‘Onion Skin’ for the comparison tool.

diff here

Click at the bottom to compare directly with the tools. Note: the shader is on, and the slider shows it off - it’s sort of obvious as it goes fuzzier.


Couldn’t get the swipe to work. IOS problem perhaps?

Nice. Thanks @fearlessfrog !

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Noticed this

FYI, I released an updated preset as a Skyrim mod on Nexus (The Sharper Eye - a lightweight VR ReShade preset at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus - Mods and Community), but it works fine for other 64bit OpenVR games as the previous releases. Might have to rename the dxgi.dll to opengl32.dll for OGL games, but otherwise you can just use it as-is for most VR games.

In this release, the sharpening filter is modified so that it only sharpens in the center of the image, but not at the edges where you can’t observe the difference, anyway, due to the lenses. That saves a little bit of performance. Whether or not that matters for you, I don’t know, but I thought I’d mention it :slight_smile:

The author of the mod has a preset that just sharpens towards what you see in VR rather than the whole screen, makes it faster.

Will give it a go later.

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The variant from the Nexus seems to crash DCS, so a short experiment. Back to the regular one from Github in the OP.

sigourney weaver GIF

Because I like this mod so much, I am keen to use the latest and get it working as best I can. The version from NexusMods does crash DCS but then I thought ‘hang on, these are just shader text files’ (GPU’s have a shader language called Higher-Level Shading Language HLSL that are sort of like mini-programs to apply to the buffer, but basically it’s like source code text).

So I got it to work, and it’s great. The nice thing is the efficiency is now that the sharpening only happens from the center out, meaning it’s not wasting time working on stuff you can’t even see in VR, sort of like the other VR DCS mod with mask size.

Here’s the steps to get it to work for anyone left following this topic:

  1. Just use the link in the first post of this topic. Put the files in DCS/bin.

  2. Either register at NexusMods and download the whole mod and then cherry pick out what you need or just overwrite these two text files from the zip attached here (it’s like 4K of text in the two files):

DCS World OpenBeta\bin\reshade-shaders\Shaders\ReShade.fx h
DCS World OpenBeta\bin\reshade-shaders\Shaders\VR_CAS_Color.fx (4.7 KB)

  1. Just use the mod as before (I rebind keys to activate it) and remember, once it is activated it will remember that and you don’t need to do it again. It doesn’t apply it to the VR Mirror unless you have the Settings dialog open (by default Home but I rebound mine).

Author attributes etc are in the files, so hopefully ok to distribute here rather than run some site registration gauntlet.

Really happy with how it looks now, all working great.


Nice job there! Will try it out.


I have slight problems trying this out.
I am using standalone DCS along with legacy Rift CV1.
I dumped the files into dcsFolder/bin - which did exactly nothing.

Then I took the hint from the Readme and replaced dxgi.dll in the in folder with the one from Reshard (64bits).
Well this did work up to the point, that I can clear enable/disable the shader and open up the settings panel with END / HOME keys.

The shader is only applied to the mirrored game window on my monitor - nothing happens in the HMD. Also the Reshade Settings overlay is only showed on the mirrored view.

None of the settings are applied (Contrast, Saturation, Brightness and Sharpening), where you can clearly see the shader being active on the mirrored window but not on the HMD.

Anyone experienced this as well?



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The hook for VR only activates for SteamVR (AKA OpenVR). I think there is a command line parameter to launch DCS (standalone or Steam edition) so that the Rift uses OpenVR rather than the Oculus SDK but can’t find it on a quick google. I think @SkateZilla’s launcher tool has a switch/button for that case though, so worth a look at that.

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A nice I see.
I actually fiddled around with that topic as well (SteamVR over Oculus native) but could (also) find nothing on google.

I will check the updated utility for that option - I am using it already :slight_smile:

Cheers and thanks!

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Yeah, let us know if you get it working.

I think it’s an option somewhere in here…

If @SkateZilla is around then he can also tell us how he does it, so maybe just something like ‘bin/DCS.exe --openvr’ or something, not sure.

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there is commandline to force steamvrapi over oculus.

the setting is incorrectly placed under the oculus settings in previous versions of the GUI utility, has since beem renamed and moved to a VR configuration section.

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Cool - can you remember what it is, I could never find it online?

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