(Reverb G2) At which resolution do you play DCS?


I ran it at 54% in Steam (closest to raw native res without SS] and at 0.8 PD in DCS on my GTX1080.

Now with the 3080ti I run mine on 100% res in Steam and 1.0PD in DCS without any issues.


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Thanks guys! It looks like Reverb G2 at 50% in SteamVR is 2244x2188. Which is very close to total per eye resolution of 2160x2160. (100% should then be 3173x3094 or close). So if I can render more than 2244x2188 at acceptable framerate, I should get that G2.

Yes but remember that 100% res in Steam creates the 140-150% supersampling that is recommended to correct fresnel lens distortion.
HP recommends a Steam res of 100% if your pc can cope.

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I am on:
DCS PD: 1.0
SteamVR SS: 60%
Shadows: flat only
SSAA: off
MSAA: 4x

all that on [email protected] and 2080ti and usually comfortably in the reprojection territory.

Check also the OpenVR FSR thread to see what can be achieved when that tech is thrown to the mix:


Not at home atm. But from memory…
On the i7 8700K 1080TI 32Gb RAM I usually set DCS to 1.0 and Steam to 50%. I got better results, i.e. clear picture with DCS at 0.5 and Steam at 100%. Basically moving the upsampling.
I haven’t had much timw to tinker with the new 5900X 3090 64Gb hardware to find a sweet spot, but right now I’m at DCS 1.0 and Steam 100%, getting more FPS…

I have always used flat shadows and no MSAA and still do. But, like I said, I need time to test out the options with the new hardware. My summer vacation is over, but the rest of the family are still staycationing at home, so whenever I’m off duty, their needs take precedence over my simulation needs. :wink:


Hey sorry for the question but - I never really looked into all those options for VR.

Is there any resource here on Mudspike or anywhere else that can help me get up to speed?

Check Luka S. / Wolta’s channel

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Got some money coming in, so I bit the bullet and will be playing at 1.0/100% in a couple days :blush:


Nice! Which GPU did you buy?

I fully understand that the experience is best at the oversampled 100% SteamVR, but even if I don’t make it to that resolution, upgrading from my Odyssey can still be worth it if I can exceed the Reverb’s native res slightly

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Thanks everyone for the replies! I just did some light aerobatics low over the Marianas in multiplayer at PD 1.0, SteamVR at 2000x2480, with FSR turned on and it was silky smooth, maybe not even bottlenecked by the GPU yet. I have an RX6800XT and will test some more without FSR and at higher resolutions with more units in sight.
But it looks like I’m ready for that G2. I can get it new without controllers for 600 euros. Makes sense since I already have the WMR Odyssey controllers that I rarely use.


Indeed. Even if you run the thing at the same res as your previous headset the absence of screendoor is worth it.

Gigabyte 3080ti gaming OC. Multiple reviews led me to believe the cooling on that one is pretty good for its price.


I’m not sure it’s findable but pretty sure the frog and me both explained the difference between DCS pixel density and SteamVR resolution % a few times.
Basically, PD in DCS is a factor of how many times bigger BOTH height and width are in terms of pixels. So if at PD 1.0 you render 1000x1000, PD 2.0 means 2000x2000, which is 4 times more pixels. Hence I call this quadratic scaling in number of pixels.

Whereas SteamVR is linear scaling in number of pixels: SteamVR 200% means twice more total pixels rendered, which would be going from 1000x1000 to 1414x1414 pixels.

Also some YouTuber once thought it was better to set a very high percentage in SteamVR and very low PD in DCS, based on this maths but apparently there are some fringe effects and this is not the full picture. In the end, neither SteamVR nor DCS PD was more efficient and performance scaled perfectly with total number of pixels rendered.


I think this “How do you set up the G2 for X” idea is great instead of having to sift through thousands of posts. I’d like to see the same for MSFS2020. :+1: Just a concise description of what works for you.

We have a thread like that for MSFS, and I once made one for the Samsung Odyssey when WMR reprojection was still experimental and required a lot of messing with config files… but then the G2 came out shortly after, and everyone moved to that.

Since I finally bought it now, you can bet that within the next 6 months, the new standard headset for seated VR will be released.

The Reverb G2 was just delivered.
Just waiting for the WidmoVR lenses to arrive so I can try it and actually see the sharpness. I am ready to buy a powered PCI USB card at the smallest sign of issues, but did not want to buy it preventively

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Gefeliciteerd kerel! It’s such a sweet screen to view the world with :hugs:

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If you could point that one out to me I’d appreciate it. I can’t find it.

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I see what you mean, it is much harder to find than I expected.

The thread that I saw all the activity on and had the title I remembered was actually a video with hundreds of comments.

However, the twentieth comment on that thread was made by our brave frog, and contained lots of details. And as our ambitious amphibian often does, he made a new thread to make the information more findable:

… but I thought we were talking about the G2 here. :wink: Thanks anyway though.