MSFS VR - Everything you NEED to know! | HP REVERB G2 & RIFT S

I’ve not seen that issue before @Ghost_Unit13 so not sure what to recommend there - sorry.

All - here’s where they are keeping the Known Issues list:


Hey thanks, that worked, prop is now fine, and on top of that CPU frametime is better than ever. Seems like the CPU is doing very little work, without motion smoothing on.
The GPU on the other hand, is working overtime, but it can aaalmost hold it at 40 FPS, but not quite. (Index running at 80 Hz)
Its showing some nasty frametime spikes, and is pretty much maxed out it seems.
Is there and overview out, of the different settings, and what they affect the most, yet?

^ First post has some stuff (in the 'Tube)

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Yep, I watched that, I was hoping for something a bit more in depth, but its a good start for sure.

I find Youtube an insufferable medium for the transfer of information such as “click this setting to get that effect”. Why can’t the fokker just write a post, ffs.

@fearlessfrog, that dev thing to turn on motion smoothing did a whole heapin’ lot of good! I might actually fly a bit now! Thanks!

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It’s still all a bit Wild West times, as the update today changed a lot of things that would have been good advice from the VR beta. At a top level though, there are two main ends of the rope to play with in terms of performance:

(a) the Sim end settings and its output resolution (game).

(b) the headset custom resolution and motion reprojection (post).

For (a) and the sim settings, the following make the most impact (I haven’t really verified this today, but it should be similar, if I’m completely wrong I’ll edit this message and blame DIscobot later).

  1. Render Scaling. You can play with this in combination with the Anti-Aliasing settings, especially TAA, which works really nicely in VR for giving details and smoothing. Example:

60% Render Scale + TAA - works pretty nicely in the C152, as the dials look good and the outside nice and smooth.

100% Render Scale + No antialiasing - works nicely in the A320 if you stare at the MCDU all the time and not outside.

Combo of (a) and (b) 75% + TAA and then a Custom Resolution of 150% on the Reverb G1.

So effectively play with different combos where you set a low game resolution plus use TAA and then oversample on the headset side (either in SteamVR or in the OpenXR util with ‘Custom Resolution’).

  1. Terrain LOD - try 50%, it really helps the vertices and doesn’t look much different.

  2. Volumetric Clouds. Above Medium hurts VR a lot.

  3. Glass Cockpit Refresh rate. High, as otherwise you get judders when it misses a frame on things with lots of glass./

  4. VR Traffic. Just try turning them all off, and then perhaps Road Vehicles back to 20. Very CPU intensive, so try to pair down unless running a monster.

There’s some historical info from the beta here, that’s now vieawable. It covers a lot of the witchcraft of Nvidia control panel settings, HAGS on/off, eye of newt etc. I can’t say if any of it is correct, but it’s interesting to look through anyway.

EDIT: Rather than be about a video I didn’t watch, I just created a new topic here for my settings:


I am using oculus and can’t get it to centre on my view. It puts it 90 degrees to the left. Pressing space bar makes it go black with a narrow row of tiles looking down

I’m with ya. Nobody reads anymore (so nobody writes anymore).

So far I’ve used 100% render scaling in-sim, and then adjusted the SteamVR Custom resolution multiplier instead.
So basically downscaling the sim resolution, in SteamVR.
Are you saying the other way around is more effective?
Off to test!

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I’ve not seen that before, as no Oculus, but there are some new control bindings for vr eye view position, that are probably blank out of the box. I’ve bound cursor keys and a shift forward/back and depending on the aircraft have to set the initial view manually - so worth a try.

Yep, In the beta what worked better than expected was reducing Render Scale in the sim down to about 70% and then use the TAA antialiasing with it, and then oversample a bit in the headset resolution side (I’m Reverb so the OpenXR Dev Tools, but SteamVR will do the same on that side yeah).

For me it depends on what I want to fly, as it’s a trade off of clarity vs fps (as per every other VR title in existence of course).

Fun Fact Aside for Reverb Owners. The old ‘WMR for SteamVR’ actually allows you to use the SteamVR OpenXR stack on your WMR device, instead of the Microsoft OpenXR. I’m not sure why you’d want to do that but you can. In SteamVR on the ‘Developer’ panel here has a toggle:


To switch it back, the WMR portal nags and provides a new banner if it detects you’ve left the reservation:


One thing worth pointing out is that without Motion Smoothing (Valve calls reprojection ‘smoothing’) on then the SteamVR stack is pretty good. The Motion Reprojection ‘enabled’ switch via the OpenXR Dev Tools is pretty neat, so we’re in a case where SteamVR = nicer raw performance but Microsoft OpenXR = nicer motion reprojection algorithm. I think both camps are actively updating their OpenXR stuff practically every week, so it’ll even out.


re; “Fix It” ← wondered what generated that. Thanks.


I just did a few flights and I can confirm that the sim is flyable on my rig.
(Rift S, 2070 Super, i5)
Not great, but not bad for unoptimized.
I basically used the settings the sim recommended without any special stuff or anything that y’all or the videos suggested. :smiley:
EDSB to EDVK in the Citation Longitude, and a quick traffic pattern with the 152 around EDSB.

I wish it was a tiny bit faster, then I could properly fly the Citation (I cannot read parts of the display using my Rift S. I can when I set the resolution to 100 but then I get some weird jittering).

Thanks @fearlessfrog the debug tool helped me get rid of the stencil.

Anyway, this is VERY promising!

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Some weird issue with the sim losing focus and not accepting any control input just cost me my flight and put another crash in my logbook. <.expletive, stronger expletive>!

I have just discovered that 2080ti is not enough :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Though the MSFS 2020 in VR looks sweet :slight_smile:

Any idea how to get rid of the prop blur when using just the WMR and OpenXR (so no SteamVR)?

And it would be great to be able to bring in some external windows (littlenavmap, SkyDemon, youtube…)

Disable Motion Reprojection via the tool up here? → MSFS VR - Everything you NEED to know! | HP REVERB G2 & RIFT S - #9 by fearlessfrog


Thanks @fearlessfrog, I will try that tomorrow (almost 1am here so heading to bed).

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Okay, so it downloaded, finally. Seems it’s been since like the week it went live since I played it.

In VR, with an i7 6700K @4.5ghz, 32mb, nVidia 1080 8Mb…

  • My long-in-the-tooth rig could handle it, but barely, VR. Clouds not so much. Low, slow, simple planes are about it.
  • TAA wasn’t any worse on performance (I didn’t throw up the FPS meter) than no AA at all? Odd. Looked a lot nicer too.
  • Finally flew over my house. Wife would not approve. But it was there. Seems the images are at least 4 years old.
  • Coastlines near my part of the world looked surprisingly accurate, more than inland. Guess that makes sense.
  • Best out of the box Grand Canyon I’ve seen.
  • Without guns, rockets & missiles, air refueling, and carrier landings though it’s not going to see much use. At least relatively speaking.
  • It needs a T-38 or similar. The Extra was lacking about 400 knots.
  • Either I’m getting old[er] or the volume is too low. Kept trying to turn it up but was maxed out.

My hopes is that this will give VR a push. Ye Ole ‘trickle down’ theory applied to big boy toys.

Try the little macchi jet trainer. It’s no viper, but it ain’t no Cessna neither!

I got it to work with the rift. Just needed the new oculus update :+1:
Its very smooth with a lot of eye candy turned up. I really need a G2 to make the 3090 sweat a bit