Revived MicroProse Announces WarBirds 2020 on Unreal Engine 4

"A new Unreal Engine version of WarBirds titled WarBirds 2020 for Windows and macOS is in the works for release this fall.

CEO David Lagettie of MicroProse says, “I am excited to work with iEntertainment Network CEO and Co-Founder of MicroProse, ‘Wild Bill’ Stealey, to produce the next generation of WarBirds 2020 WW II combat flight simulation using new modern technology and promoting worldwide.”

Wild Bill Stealey says, “It will be fun to be working with MicroProse again to do great simulation games! We are very excited to be partnering with David and his team to update our very successful WarBirds 2020 product for WW II combat simulation fans around the world.”

First screenshots:


First Microsoft and now Microprose? C’mon Razorworks…throw your hat back in the ring!! :helicopter:


The future of this Flightsim gig sure look bright…! :sunglasses:

I never thought I’d hear from MicroProse and Wild Bill Stealey again…


C’mon TK…Strike Fighters 3 with multiplayer!!



"The future of this Flightsim gig sure look bright…! :sunglasses:

I never thought I’d hear from MicroProse and Wild Bill Stealey again"

Me too, it sounds like a xmas present early… let’s hope they can deliver on the game :slight_smile:



I literally got goosebumps from reading first post.

What’s going on. Every one jumping back on flight sim bandwagagon now?

It’s really good news! I’m surprised as hell.

Hey Microprose, I want Gunship 2020!!! … and Fleet Defender 2 … and Strike Eagle V (Jane’s F-15 was basically 4th) … and Stealth Fighter 3 :wink:

Pics from their site



This doesn’t announce anything ofcourse, but if they wanted to make for the JSF what Falcon was to the F-16…


I’m so excited. SO EXCITED! Imagine the possibilities. What about if they re-did all their old games and split them into modules like dcs…

B17 flying fortress module… F117… Oh my god its endless!

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How about:


Hard to catch the lightning in a bottle that was Microprose once let alone twice.
Hopefully they can pull it off. :sunglasses:


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I’ll be honest- this is the easiest news to resist the hype of.

Yes, I’m going to be
about this…

First and foremost what was in, back in the 80’s, is hardly in again- meaning WIld Bill Stealey had his time. You remember his last tank sim?

I bet you did…

That said, ye olde MicroProse was a nearly perfect mixture of passion from many talented individuals, not least Sid Meier.

Don’t get me wrong- if it’ll kick a$$ I’ll be extremely happy…
But until I see something more than Screenshots- meh.
Definitely not sold.


First racing sims on UE4, now a flight sim?

I’m interested but hardly sold. I never even bothered with their last one, B-17 2, because they gutted the MP and that was my primary interest.
Not that this is really MPS, it’s just a company with their name, like Atari, so other than Wild Bill it’s all new people as far as I know.

I agree with you Kome.

Also. Many companies jumping on board can mean they sense money and they want their piece.

Hopefully it will not become summit of sims where the market will get polluted with overpriced unfinished products which just looks ‘unreal’.

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Time for Elf, CJ, and Wags to have a reunion.


Would make me cry some very nostalgic tears of joy…


One of my favorite games was B17 -2. Would love to see that back with upgraded graphics, better ability to fly the B17 and see the instruments during flight (rather than have to change screen and have the outside world gone).
Being in the gunners seats and bombardier seat while bombing was amazing…

Fingers, toes and my dogs paws, crossed for B17 - 3


Old Il-2, Air Warrior and Aces High grogrands need a new home… lets hope MicroProse will provide us one :slight_smile:

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I see islands, that’s enough for me, especially if that’s maybe sorta what i think it is

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If they want high numbers in the same arena, game will have to appeal to "game’ crowd. Which would not be very interesting to me.