Rising Storm 2

I like it. alot. I hopped on the Red Orchestra/Rising Storm train in 2011, and I’ve always enjoyed it as a shooter the prioritizes team tactics, fire and maneuver, and weight of numbers over individual glory hounding. RS2 maintains that feeling, but the increased lethality of weapons available (AKs and ARs as opposed to Mosins and Kars) make getting kills less frustrating then previously.

Unlike Heroes of Stalingrad where the disproportionately high numbers of self loading rifles and sturmgewehrs felt detrimental to gameplay, here the flood of assault rifles levels the field, and makes everything feel much more balanced.


The level design is great in this game. Hue City is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. Also, bayonets+ M16 is a win!

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It looks really good. I used to enjoy RO2, although never did the WWII Pacific stuff they did later.

What’s the deal with the closed beta stuff? If I buy it when do I get to play with my toy?! :slight_smile:

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It sounds like air mobile will be supported and the maps are historical. Looks promising.

Is there a coop mode?

Bought. I was in for this before but no one in the insurgency/doi group seemed to be keen. With others playing I’m def down. Let’s go linebacker!

edit: install complete in under 10 minutes at this rate.

I’ll be on during the week I’m sure.

I’ve always been up for PvP since that’s my forte. I love hunting human intelligence.

I believe so, yes.

Not really. You could probably make a private MP server and fill it with bots, but the RS ai is rudimentary. It’s firmly intended to be a PvP game.


I enjoyed the early access I had with this, I need more time to game, never even play L4D2 anymore :cry:

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Pretty decent first impression. The movement seems a little sluggish and unresponsive, but shooting seems alright. Mouse sensitivity adjustments didn’t work as I expected so I had zero mouse for a while. That was weird. Fixed that up and it works ok now.

Will be fun to actually play in a group I think. Pubbing is, as usual, meh.

Some people are saying RS2:Vietnam is like “Squad Lite” but after playing on a 64 player server, I’m thinking the shooting difficulty in RS2:V is actually a lot more difficult! I played on a very large and intricate map.

Definitely a team oriented game with arty strikes and whatnot. The choppers are looking good too!

Just my two cent test drive. :slight_smile:


Free weekend! Free weekend! (Yes, I am excited).

Installing now. Come shoot @fearlessfrog right between the eyes, you know you’ve always wanted to :slight_smile: :frog: :gun:

A 7GB download, free to play till 4pm est Monday. Property release is announced as May 30th with this current beta running till then.


Oh very cool! We had about 5 of us on Mudspike TS last night trying RS2:V after Insurgency … didn’t realize it was a free weekend.

We should go again tonight maybe instead of our regular Day of Infamy session. (9pm EST)

no cancelling DoI. grrrr we can play after. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: also, RS2 is extremely frustrating to me. I likely won’t be purchasing it, but make use of it while it’s on the free weekend.

Good call saghen … fun games … I got over enthusiastic about blowing the dust out of my ‘puters so I was a bit late. Sorry about that. Modified the server a bit too. Not sure why you and adlabs aren’t getting rank points out of it though.

About RS2:V, it’s proving to be a VERY visceral and dynamic shooting experience … and I’m loving every minute of it! (even getting killed when I deserved it)

This is a fun game! Quite enjoy the helo’s even. Gotta setup my spare saitek for that though.

Definitely like the game. Think it’s one I need to be in the mindset to play though. And can’t be playing it and insurgency/doi on same night… Controls handle too differently for me.

Can anyone comment on the helicopter flight models? I can tell from youtube videos the huey has too much power but that’s probably not a big focus of the game. Is weight/performance changed by # of troops on board?

I don’t know about performance effected by weight, but I highly doubt it. You can’t map a joystick to helicopter controls at present, and the whole thing is more BF than DCS. If anything it reminds me of Arma helicopters pre AFM.

Ugh, no bueno for me