Rocket League: Aerial play

So… I started a new thread. :wink:

How many of our RL players have downloaded the Workshop addon some of us were talking about? You can subscribe here:

If so, what’s your best time?

I’m down to 4:54 lap time.

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Good grief, you did it more than once? :slight_smile:

It took me about 20 minutes to do it the once, and then I started another lap (much quicker this time) and noped out at the last section ‘sway the nose a bit again and again’ bit after failing 10 times in a row. :sadpanda:

I’ll have to get back to it, but < 5 mins seems quick? Is that with all stages first time, as in no mistakes?

Screenshots of lap times or it didnt’ happen.

I probably made 2 or 3 mistakes (and was reset to the island beginning that section) in that 4:54 time. There is a good lot of time that could still be cut.

And yes, more than once… I play that map to completion once before any RL play!

Screenshots shall be provided, henceforth. :wink:

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Wheres the infinity symbol on my keyboard…

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This afternoon I managed 4:26, with zero mistakes (forced resets).


You know what this means? It means with found our goalie! :wink:


If only I had infinite boost as goalie!

Tried this quickly tonight and realized I needed to rebind a control to actually complete it (I guess I missed it?). So I have to relearn a control now.

But the twisting climbs suck. The horizontal one with the zig zag gave me trouble too. The rest before that wasn’t bad.

I was too tired tonight to fight with the controls though so I gave up. May give it another try we’ll see.

I had a terrible time with that at first. It is hard to fight the muscle memory but needs to be done…

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Remap your controls. Move the default of drift and air steer to the left bumper. If you get into it and then have to relearn this it is really painful. It’s essentially because you need to drift and air steer and there are too many right pad buttons to press, so if you start off with left bumper you’ll be better off up front.

Ya, I must’ve missed it. Thought I had them all.

Cut the time to 4:03 today…


second try ever, first time complete. definitely not iron man mode because lol screw that. I can see why the appeal, but for me this has little practical application so not sure I’ll keep messing with it.

Broke through 4 minutes today: