Rocket League: Mudspikers


@fearlessfrog @boomerang10 @wingman1387

It’s go time.


Some really fantastic play last night. I enjoyed the 3v3 we played with that mutator mode (not sure what it’s called)… I actually had a great time with that.


Unpure modes! If we’re not careful, people will start having fun, and that’s a slippery slope to things like smiling and casual gameplay… :wink:

That sonic the hedgehog custom practise map is very good @adlabs6 you mentioned last night - I feel I’m getting my jump back on with it.


lol! Yea, I am really feeling a sense of improvement in my air play after practicing on that map.

Completing a circuit on that map is a prerequisite to any of my “pure” (ahem) play sessions.



I’m going to play for a half hour or so… I’m on TS now.


anybody? @rocketleague


Couldn’t make it last night, but around 9pm Eastern, I’m going to try to play for a while.


Me and @adlabs6 got a little crazy in 2v2 after the rest of you guys left


Yep, some awesome 2v2 matches there!


Out of town for a couple weeks but I’ll join y’all when I’m back!


So, you’re basically saying that Rhino and I were holding you back and you were glad we left?



I wouldn’t say that, I’m pretty sure we lost the rest of the games lol


I’ll be around at 9pm Eastern if anybody wants to play. Let’s go lose some games!


I’ll be there shortly


wtffff you guys are gone already? lame.


yeah, where is everybody? rhino and i are here.


Ah man, we missed you guys. Andrew and I played for like an hour on 2v2.


Gonna be on for a little bit if anyone’s around


I’m on for a bit of practice ahead of R6.


Come and join us, Rhino and I are playing now.