Rocket League: Mudspikers


Good fun games tonight - that 4 vs 4 double overtimes were crazy…


Your stony silence was unnerving. Was Abby right, in that you were registering unvoiced disapproval in our performance? lol


Well, not being on Teamspeak will make me a bit quieter. :slight_smile: I was on a laptop with an old Xbone controller, and was meant to be watching a family movie but thought I could sneak in a fun game or two. The ruse might have been up when I shouted ‘IN YOUR FACE WHAT A SAVE PEOPLE GAAAARHH’ at the top of my voice on the overtime goal though.


Will be around shortly. @rocketleague


I was playing board games yesterday. Maybe I can play tonight after Arma, will see.


Rhino forgot why you couldn’t make it, until I reminded him that it was Magic: the gathering night.


I bought Project Cars 2 so did that for a bit. The lack of jumping is atrocious though.


Time soon!


Some good fun last night, thanks.

And when I was “focusing”… Andrew mentioned that there was usually a good rotation at goal… And I realized that for whatever reason, I wasn’t rotating to my usual mid-field spot. I was just parked in goal, watching the play from afar. This was also probably part of why in the match prior, when I was bombed like 11 times… all parked in the goal like a stationary target.

So anyway, yea I was trying to get that mid-field movement going again. And probably thinking too hard, lol.


I’m on for a bit of practice, maybe an hour or so.


I’ll be on at 9 latest


and on!


Should be on around 9 again tonight.


Yep, I might can make it.


I’m on now actually. Will be for a while. Abby around 930/10 maybe.


What’s the word folks?


I can do an hour’s play.


On before r6


I’m away for a couple of weeks from tomorrow, so I haven’t died or anything - I shall be dreaming of jumping cars…


We’ll miss you, fearless. Maybe not Abby…she lives with the fear of disappointment in your voice. :stuck_out_tongue: