Rocket League: Mudspikers




ts down


That’s super. There are some cool vids on YouTube of it, too.


Will be around in about 40 mins


I should be on around 1030 for 30 mins to an hour


I’ll be on around 8:30 eastern for a bit of play.


Too bad I won’t hit plat. That one looks the best imo.

All the casual games turning competitive next update (rumble, dropshot, etc…)


I get why they are doing it, and I love the idea of ranked rumble, but I will miss being able to play lower level games when I wanna relax.


You still can in private match. But ya.


Yea, it’s an interesting move on the ranking stuff. I can’t get too worked up about my rank, as I’m just not good enough for any of that to matter. It gives some fun prizes, and I face some good competition, which is all I want.

The rocket boost trails are fun looking. I’m interested to hear what sounds they make.


Gonna be hopping on for a little bit here.


We played against a user tonight named OmegaFrog… one of your friends @fearlessfrog


Some super play last night 3v3.

I’ve got to improve my game at getting the ball off the wall.


I’d say you did pretty good last night. You blocked pretty much everything we threw at you lol


Be on shortly.


Hoping to be on no later than 830 for some unlocking goodness tonight.


Man, I played 4 hours of Rocket League tonight. This is getting out of hand.


Hot wheels triple threat dlc. See your friendly steam store page.




I’ll be on shortly

Edit: no arma for me tonight. Too tired.