Rocket League: Mudspikers


I’m gonna play Arma3, but not sure how much RL after (at 10pm Eastern, or so). Long day, so maybe short session.


Funny Video

Sub out the kid, add @adlabs6
Sub out soccer and add Rocket League



playing for unlocks


lol, saghen. That’s fun! :smiley:


On for some pre-R6 play.


I’m going to try for a few matches of RL, ahead of R6. I’ll be on in 5 minutes or so, following this post.


I’m like 6 hours or whatever from having internet according to my provider


Damage from the tornados?


Yep. Upward of 80 hydro poles out of commission and a whole power station destroyed. That power station is 40% of the citys power apparently. It’s a miracle I got it back because outside my immediate neighbourhood is dark.


Wow, Prof posted an article with some pics of the damage. What a mess.Hope it’s sorted out for you quickly.

I’m going to play some RL early tonight, I’m on now.


Still no internet, sorry!


Out of town for a week, catch y’all next week though!


Well I had a productive final night of the season. I reach Gold and completed the 10 games for the season award.

Hopefully today’s patch doesn’t come too late, I’d like to get it complete ahead of my Arma play.


Still no internet…


Holy crap ranked anything is a disaster right now, everyone got reset in the update so its diamonds on bronze and everything in between.


Should be just a week or so until everyone is re ranked. At least for the regular mode. The others I dunno. It depends on whether those casual modes had an MMR already or not.

I think k first week of a new season is always like that.


So I’m not getting skill mismatches in 3v3 even though I’m unranked (4 games in I think). What I am getting is a massive amount of lag for the first three minutes (plus or minus a minute). Once it settles I can play like normal and I start doing ok, but it’s complete guesswork for that three minutes.

We’re talking worse than my normal lag I’ve been complaining about. Now part of that may just be that our network is garbage right now after that storm, I dunno. But there’s always that new update lag in RL too.


so everything feels a lot lighter now. Less gravity type thing. Ball goes flying, cars go flying.

Also weekly wins now award 2500xp regardless of whether other team forfeits.


unlock unlock unlock


I’m on for a couple hours play.