Rocket League: Mudspikers


My eyes rejoice.


It was too bright, but that’s why you wear sunglasses during Rocket League. Not just to look cool.


My favorite map is gone.


On for a bit of play. Without Salty Shores. :cry:


On for an hour’s play, or so.


Be there shortly


I must have missed you. Good play with Wingman, some pretty solid opponents we faced tonight.


I had every intention of showing! I just kinda didn’t make it lol.


I’ll be on tonight in a bit. Playing some super Mario party right now with the wife.


I can do 20 minutes or so, starting in just a couple minutes.


I’m on now.


Double xp weekend, folks. R6 cancelled. :stuck_out_tongue:


Of course it has to be on a weekend that’s busy everyday…


Ugh. Me too. I’m basically not home Saturday until 10pm.


Well, it starts Thursday evening and ends Monday mor, so I think you’ll manage to fit some time in. Look at it this way, if you’re busy, you’ll get more xp for the weekend than you originally were going to get.


Friday night will be fine. Thursday I’m only available after 11 unfortunately.


Will be playing tonight. Will post when I’m on - expect to be playing for a couple hours.


Isn’t it just more efficient to play for an hour on the weekend?


that presumes I wasn’t going to play tonight anyway, which I was.


we’re playing nowish - adlabs here too