Rocket League: Mudspikers





Will be playing around 10 most likely.


I’m on for a match or two.


Sorry. Couldn’t make it.


Sequence of rocket league faces


Also playing in like 10-15


vroom vroom


Not a bad night. Yes lots of losses, but somehow I still feel progress in working the ball off the wall (in baby steps).

And some really good plays we made, scattered through the night, too!


Note senior VP of development supports rule 1


lol, Ok then…


On very shortly


They’ve done a nice job with the post 70 content for the rocket pass in my opinion. You only get randoms of the top tier items (so the level III and IV depending on what the max is). So I’m getting painteds and certifieds of the max toppers and wheels. First reward post 70 was a painted version of the top car model! It’s great.

Not sure if I’ll make rocket pass 120, as that’s still a ways off, but even at the 6 keys I’ve earned so far, totally worth the $10 for the customization items in my opinion. You get way less satisfying stuff from other games where you pay way more. This game has by far been my best value for money. 230 hours played already.


I agree, solid value for my money. I’ve paid for two decently priced (IMO) DLC sets due to the gameplay being so enjoyable.

I’m just over 200 hours, myself.


I can’t say I’m having the same experience that @Rhinosaurus is having… the painted items are generally good mostly because I’ve received wheels (all the same type though) that I like but now I’ve gotten the same CloudBurst III boost twice, more Phoenix wings and another mage ball all out of the certified. Worse I can’t trade these duplicates in. So if anyone wants a cloudburst 3 boost… lemme know. I’ve got a green painted mage ball if you want it rhino…


Hmmmm. Maybe. I’ll have to check what I have, can probably trade you something. I’m hoping for a painted goal explosion. I got a certified one.


Andrew, I’ve got some Rare/Very Rare stuff I might can trade for a some extra wheels, if you are interested. We spend so much time playing, that I forget about trading stuff, lol.


On for a bit of play.